Williamson County Property Transfers May 31

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See where houses sold for May 31 through June 3, 2022, and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing or selling a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty. View previous property transfers here

$1,225,000.00Shadow Creek @360 Shadow Creek DrBrentwood37027
$419,990.00Shadow Green Sec26000 Shadow Green Dr 6205Franklin37064
$378,990.00Shadow Green Sec26000 Shadow Green Dr 6203Franklin37064
$975,000.00Cherry Grove Add Ph4 Sec43006 Brisbane CtSpring Hill37174
$400,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 341023 Park Run DrFranklin37067
$951,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec Q-4417 Crofton Park LnFranklin37069
$830,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 41737 Liberty PkFranklin37067
$665,000.00Eastview604 Eastview DrFranklin37064
$859,638.00Brixworth Ph7c6055 Kidman LnSpring Hill37174
$435,000.00Hidden Lake7220 Hidden Lake DrFairview37062
$3,400,000.00Witherspoon Sec21420 Newhaven DrBrentwood37027
$600,000.00Grove Sec158868 Edgecomb DrCollege Grove37046
$689,900.00Bluebird Hollow Ph11718 Sorrell Park DrSpring Hill37174
$1,575,000.00Brookfield Sec 191508 Adventure CtBrentwood37027
$598,900.00Cumberland Estates Ph21070 Brayden DrFairview37062
$75,000.00Otter Creek Springs Ph27437 Swindon BlvdFairview37062
$438,000.00Wakefield Sec 32274 Dewey DrSpring Hill37174
$1,250,000.00Catalina Ph62080 Catalina WayNolensville37135
$381,990.00Shadow Green Sec26000 Shadow Green Dr 6206Franklin37064
$600,000.00Green Valley Sec 3404 Moss LnFranklin37064
$837,000.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec52389 Redwood TrlThompsons Station37179
$450,000.00Grassland Est Sec 1306 Harpeth Hills DrFranklin37069
$892,083.00Lochridge Sec45029 Ozment DrNolensville37135
$674,820.00Lochridge Sec21084 Kirkpark CtNolensville37135
$894,741.00Scales Farmstead Ph3b3045 Palladian LnNolensville37135
$650,000.00Echelon Cottages2051 Moultrie CirFranklin37064
$880,000.00Williams Grove Sec 16334 Williams Grove DrBrentwood37027
$870,000.00Burkitt Village Addition Ph3952 Redstone LnNolensville37135
$4,900,000.00Haley Ind Park Ph 27235 Haley Ind DrNolensville37135
$1,000,000.00Autumn Ridge Ph3 Sec22074 Autumn Ridge WaySpring Hill37174
$624,999.00Sharpes Run Sec 27501 Mayfair CtFairview37062
$1,340,000.00Blackberry Estates2104 Berry Patch RdThompsons Station37179
$380,000.00Littlebury Sec2Sarah Bee LnThompsons Station37179
$1,886,789.00Heights1002 Heights BlvdBrentwood37027
$828,011.00Pine Creek Sec11036 Pine Creek DrArrington37014
$507,000.00Forrest Crossing Sec 5421 Chelsey CvFranklin37064
$1,550,000.00Fountainhead Sec 65141 Walnut Park DrBrentwood37027
$1,130,000.00Brookfield Sec 4-a2616 Gretchen CtBrentwood37027
$2,400,000.00Kinnard Springs Sec 33246 Kinnard Springs RdFranklin37064
$2,100,000.00Westhaven Sec 26 Rev 22019 Tabitha DrFranklin37064
$821,734.00Enclave @ Dove Lake Sec2835 Novalis StNolensville37135
$876,627.00Annecy Ph14061 Addiefrances DrNolensville37135
$449,000.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec 9a1478 Channing DrThompsons Station37179
$750,000.00Riverview Park Sec 7-a556 Overview LnFranklin37064
$1,250,000.00Goose Creek Est Sec 22047 Goose Creek DrFranklin37064
$349,300.00Brandenburg7302 Brandenburg CvFairview37062
$685,000.00Avalon Sec 4147 Pennystone CirFranklin37067
$875,000.00Arbors @ Autumn Ridge Ph113031 Elkhorn PlaceSpring Hill37174
$655,000.00Bent Creek Ph 1 Sec 1321 Dobson Branch TrlNolensville37135
$750,000.00Tollgate Village Sec 12a3401 Colebrook DrThompsons Station37179
$323,000.00Chapmans Retreat Ph 11504 Chapman LnSpring Hill37174
$740,000.00Campbell Station Sec 91168 Mccoury LnSpring Hill37174
$530,696.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2397 Hammock Pvt LnSpring Hill37174
$939,505.00Falls Grove Sec79008 Nestling Ridge CtCollege Grove37046
$2,747,011.00Traditions Sec41850 Traditions CirBrentwood37027
$1,000,000.00Cherry Grove Add Sec 2 Ph21010 Alice Springs CirSpring Hill37174
$720,000.00Founders Pointe Sec 5711 Meeting StFranklin37064
$3,540,000.00Legends Ridge Add Sec 3505 Legends Ridge CtFranklin37069
$4,000,000.00508 Duke Dr520 Duke DrFranklin37067
$725,000.00Lillard Est6632 Hatcher LnThompsons Station37179
$1,055,000.00Foxland Hall Sec 16002 Tattersall CtBrentwood37027
$1,682,884.00Allens Green1757 Barrow LnBrentwood37027
$1,103,132.00Hardeman Springs Sec35577 Hardeman Springs BlvdArrington37014
$1,634,023.00Allens Green1753 Barrow LnBrentwood37027
$500,000.00Buckner Crossing Sec 11074 Nealcrest CirSpring Hill37174
$1,300,000.00Westhaven Sec465086 Nelson DrFranklin37064
$932,840.00Arrington Ridge Sec27097 Fiddlers Glen DrArrington37014
$847,555.00Annecy Ph12202 Broadway StNolensville37135
$1,189,990.00Summerlyn Sec52004 Belsford DrNolensville37135
$999,900.00Vineyard Valley Sec27199 Neills Branch DrCollege Grove37046
$1,253,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec32995 Hornsby DrFranklin37064
$1,800,000.00Woodway5108 Heathrow BlvdBrentwood37027
$915,000.00Willowsprings Sec 1818 Willowsprings BlvdFranklin37064
$915,000.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec29772 Beamon DrFranklin37064
$1,300,000.00Kings Chapel Sec64139 Old Light CirArrington37014
$5,900,000.001700 Old Hillsboro RdFranklin37069
$3,000,000.00360 Vaughn RdNashville37221
$1,277,000.00Carondelet Sec 3715 Shenandoah DrBrentwood37027
$821,457.00Lochridge Sec45025 Ozment DrNolensville37135
$310,000.00Annecy Ph11009 Annecy PkwyNolensville37135
$720,000.00Oakwood Est Sec 42239 Oakwood RdFranklin37064
$1,800,000.00Wildwood Est Sec 16425 Panorama DrBrentwood37027
$452,063.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2233 Southmen Pvt LnSpring Hill37174
$438,990.00Shadow Green Sec26000 Shadow Green Dr 6306Franklin37064
$364,030.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2231 Southmen Pvt LnSpring Hill37174
$1,256,517.004852 Murfreesboro RdArrington 37014
$412,621.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2227 Southmen Pvt LnSpring Hill37174
$850,000.00Stream Valley Sec78016 Brookpark AveFranklin37064
$780,000.00Campbell Station Sec 91174 Mccoury LnSpring Hill37174
$205,000.00Cadet Homes107 Cadet LnFranklin37064
$411,990.00Shadow Green Sec26000 Shadow Green Dr 6303Franklin37064
$782,375.00Lochridge Sec45020 Ozment DrNolensville37135
$692,500.00Willowsprings Sec 4101 Tulip LnFranklin37064
$1,789,600.00Hardeman Springs Sec26321 Percheron LnArrington37014
$2,200,000.00Kings Chapel Sec84501 Majestic Meadows DrArrington37014
$409,990.00Shadow Green Sec26000 Shadow Green Dr 6104Franklin37064
$395,750.00Shadow Green Sec26000 Shadow Green Dr 6305Franklin37064
$515,000.00Maplelawn Est2852 Maple CirThompsons Station37179
$289,990.00Shadow Green Sec26000 Shadow Green Dr 6202Franklin37064
$360,000.00Woodside Ph1b6003 Dupont CvSpring Hill37174
$709,990.00Stonebrook Sec 71110 Oak Creek DrNolensville37135
$510,000.00Mooreland Est Sec 1209 Flowerwood CtBrentwood37027
$800,000.002570 Tom Anderson RdFranklin37064
$1,376,225.00Dylan Woods147 Dylan Woods DrNolensville37135
$2,450,000.00Westhaven Sec573030 Conar StFranklin37064
$1,810,000.00Crockett Springs Ph 1137 Rue De GrandeBrentwood37027
$1,450,000.00Farms @ Clovercroft Sec39174 Holstein DrNolensville37135
$810,000.00Benevento Ph 13168 Appian WaySpring Hill37174
$1,605,375.00Stephens Valley Sec6648 Jackson Falls DrNashville37221
$1,325,000.00Crockett Hills Sec 28211 Alamo RdBrentwood37027
$495,000.00Brentwood Pointe 31844 Brentwood Pt DrFranklin37067
$686,685.00Lochridge Sec21097 Kirkpark CtNolensville37135
$1,437,500.00Westhaven Sec59737 Jasper AveFranklin37064
$585,000.00Stonebrook Sec 5511 Cedar Brook LnNolensville37135
$830,000.00Creekstone Commons Sec 1 Rev 2201 Creekstone BlvdFranklin37064
$1,200,000.00Stephens Valley Sec1 Ph1a217 Stephens Valley BlvdNashville37221
$994,473.00Annecy Ph2a1075 Annecy PkwyNolensville37135
$650,000.002600 York RdNolensville37135
$1,250,000.00Temple Hills Sec 15500 Sandcastle RdFranklin37069
$735,000.00Brentwood Meadows Sec 21329 Lipscomb DrBrentwood37027
$730,000.00Meadowgreen Acres338 Stable RdFranklin37069
$2,468,252.00Grove Sec98756 Belladonna DrCollege Grove37046
$1,075,000.00Woods @ Burberry Glen Ph1a1504 Little Leaf WayNolensville37135
$2,350,000.00Elmbrooke Sec 19423 Big Horn RdgBrentwood37027
$649,900.00Bent Creek Ph 1 Sec 1239 Dobson Branch CtNolensville37135
$820,629.00Brixworth Ph7a8006 Brightwater WaySpring Hill37174
$5,000,000.00Whitehurst Jimmy6231 Patton RdArrington37014
$45,500.004830 Ash Hill RdSpring Hill37174
$495,000.00Riverview Park Sec 5-b727 Riverview DrFranklin37064
$2,750,000.00Grove Sec 149109 Sawtooth LnCollege Grove37046
$1,700,000.00Durham Manor2433 Durham Manor DrFranklin37064
$860,000.00Ivy Glen Sec 1316 Lakemont CirFranklin37067
$756,500.00Ballenger Farms Ph 13069 Ballenger DrNolensville37135
$510,000.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec9b1607 Hampshire PlaceThompsons Station37179
$441,000.00Pipkin Hills Ph 42727 Mollys CtSpring Hill37174
$710,000.00Spring Hill Place Sec 3-a1613 Fair House RdSpring Hill37174
$455,000.00Ridgeport Sec 11833 Portview DrSpring Hill37174
$8,355,403.00Grey Oak Pvt LnFranklin37064
$537,000.00Riverview Park Sec 5-b617 Riverview DrFranklin37064
$799,000.00Bent Creek Ph 2 Sec 35020 Falling Water RdNolensville37135
$460,929.00Tollgate Village Ph2a2089 Branford Place 303Thompsons Station37179
$330,000.00David Karen Gary7694 Daugherty-capley RdBon Aqua37025
$845,500.004048 Old Hillsboro RdFranklin37064
$670,000.00Silver Stream Farm Sec4e2608 Cortlandt CtNolensville37135
$527,800.00Chapmans Retreat Ph 21410 Carmack LnSpring Hill37174
$850,000.00Cherry Grove Add Sec 2 Ph21040 Alice Springs CirSpring Hill37174
$473,400.00Wyngate Est Ph 112307 Baldwin CtSpring Hill37174
$1,725,000.00Montclair Sec 71728 Richbourg Park DrBrentwood37027
$912,000.00Summerlyn Sec22709 Hargate DrNolensville37135
$750,000.00Spencer Hall Sec 63209 Vera Valley RdFranklin37064
$1,290,000.00Fountainbrooke Sec 22201 St Josephs CtBrentwood37027
$700,000.00Yorktown Sec 2140 Yorktown DrFranklin37064
$609,000.00Commons @ Gateway232 Gateway CtFranklin37069
$2,750,000.00Aspen Grove Sec Q1005 Merylinger CtFranklin37067
$515,000.00Wyngate Est Ph 22016 Prescott WaySpring Hill37174
$1,400,000.00811 Columbia AveFranklin37064
$1,107,725.00Enclave @ Dove Lake Sec2705 Sedley RdNolensville37135
$850,000.00Stream Valley Sec172018 Fernshaw LnFranklin37064
$433,000.00Residences @ South Wind2125 Emery LnFranklin37064
$670,000.00Royal Oaks Sec 9 Ph 3157 London LnFranklin37067
$415,000.00Country Haven Est2621 Country Haven DrThompsons Station37179
$625,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec G-1506 Essex Park CirFranklin37069
$475,000.00Hillsboro Acres1117 Howell DrFranklin37069
$501,000.00Cameron Farms Sec 32123 Iroquois CtThompsons Station37179
$816,818.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec47305 Ludlow DrCollege Grove37046
$2,050,000.00Legends Ridge Sec 4-a385 Lake Valley DrFranklin37069
$177,600.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec57624 Delancey DrCollege Grove37046
$2,150,000.00Splendor Ridge125 Splendor Ridge DrFranklin37064
$1,350,000.00Catalina Ph 4725 Alameda AveNolensville37135
$1,400,000.00Whetstone Ph 6740 Green Hill BlvdBrentwood37027
$1,282,289.00Littlebury Sec13016 Littlebury Park DrThompsons Station37179
$367,376.00Wilkerson Place Ph1a Sec2229 Southmen Pvt LnSpring Hill37174
$620,000.00Lampley Earl D Prop7335 Sugar Camp Hollow RdFairview37062
$650,000.00King George W6760 Arno-allisona RdCollege Grove37046
$1,920,000.00Cornerstone Farm1808 Old Natchez TraceFranklin37069