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spring hill police car sunbeam

Spring Hill Car Burglaries Could be From the Felony Lang Gang

From Spring Hill Police Department Officers have taken 3 vehicle burglary reports at Port Royal Park and Jerry Erwin Park (Kedron Rd). Some vehicles had...
barry harris

Convicted Felon Barry Harris Wanted by Franklin Police

Franklin Police are searching for a convicted felon, Barry Harris. He is wanted for x3 counts of Aggravated Assault after threatening several people on Cherokee...
shoplifter brayden bartlett

Franklin Shoplifter, Turned Felony Fugitive Arrested

On April 26, shoplifter Brayden Bartlett repeatedly hit and kicked Target security personnel, demolishing anti-theft security towers during his getaway in Cool Springs. Bartlett was taken...
self-defense class

Williamson Women: 4-day Self-defense Series Starts Tuesday

According to statistics, 78 women are forcibly raped every hour in the United States. Just as startling: One out of four college students reported being...
brentwood crime

Brentwood Crime Report: July 5

The latest crime report from the Brentwood Police Department lists 11 crimes.    

Former Brentwood CEO Sentenced to Prison for Health Insurance Fraud

from Timothy Thomas, 55, of Brentwood, Tennessee, was sentenced today in U.S. District Court to 66 months in prison for his criminal conduct in...
stolen property from auto franklin auto burglaries

2 Suspects Arrested While Evading Officers; Stolen Property Recovered

At 2:20 Tuesday morning, an officer attempted to stop a car on Murfreesboro Road near downtown Franklin. The driver ran a red light and...
stolen credit card target

Reward for ID of Stolen Credit Card Suspect

Franklin Police & Crime Stoppers are offering a cash reward for help with identifying this suspect. She’s wanted for using a stolen credit card...
spring hill police car sunbeam

Suspect Swipes Headphones from Spring Hill Target

On 6/13/2018 the below subject allegedly placed wireless headphones in his pocket and exited the store without paying. If you can identify the subject, please...
steak thieves from spring hill walmart

Suspects Steal Steaks From Spring Hill Walmart

On 6/16/2018 Wal-Mart in Spring Hill reported that two females both approximately 45 to 50 years old placed several packages of steaks in large...