We’ve written about the uprise in athleisure wear (athletic wear that transcends the gym and can be worn outside of a workout space). We see evidence of this trend everywhere: at the coffee shops, pick up lines at schools and just about everywhere else. But be assured there is a thin line between gym wear and athleisure wear and what’s appropriate for street wear. So, here are our five rules on wearing athleisure wear.

Trends – Just as there are trends with clothing, there are also trends with athleisure wear. If you are making athleisure wear a large portion of your wardrobe then you have to keep up with the trends.

Fit – Invest in pieces that will function and last. Don’t wear yoga pants that are too small creating the dreaded muffin top.  Be sure to look for performance fabric as well.

Accessorize – You can take your outfit from gym wear to athleisure wear by adding an accessory. But you have to keep in mind what works best with athleisure wear– meaning don’t wear your dressy wool coat with your yoga pants.

Dress for the Occasion – While the acceptance of athleisure wear is becoming more and more appropriate, there are times when it is not the right occasion to wear your athleisure wear. Be mindful of where you will be and if your attire is appropriate.

How to Get Started – start with neutrals.  Trending for some time has been the all black look.  Now there is a trend of patterned leggings and bright colors.  Start with a black and white print and when you are comfortable move into more bolder patterns.

Where can you find the latest in athleisure wear?
Fleet Feet in Brentwood has everything to fit all of your athleisure wear needs.  They carry all of the trending athleisure brand like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and more. Take a look at their fall look book for the latest styles.

Fleet Feet Brentwood is located at 330 Franklin Road,Brentwood. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

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