11 Things to Know When Shopping at Sprouts

Today is the day. Sprouts is holding their Grand Opening, it has been one of the most anticipated openings of a grocery store in quite some time. And for good reason–Sprouts’ motto is to make healthy living more affordable.

Late yesterday afternoon, there was a preview of the store. Excited employees as well as curious and thrilled shoppers filled the store.  The layout of the Sprouts store is typical to most grocery stores but there are some differences that we noticed and want to make you aware. So,here is your must know items before you start shopping.

1. All bakery items are made fresh daily. Muffins are just .99 and there are breads, scones, pies, cookies and so much more in the bakery that are fresh.

2.Don’t miss the Juice Bar-there are several different offerings of fresh squeezed juices from orange to wake up juice.

3. Need a quick lunch?  There is a whole section of pre-made meals and protein packs that are perfect to take on the go.

4. Newly added to Sprouts—a salad bar. On one side of the salad bar you will find prepared salads and on the other is fresh vegetables and lettuce to make your own.

5. All of the meat is made with no chemicals or artificially enhancements. They even carry Kangaroo and Bison, Elk and Wild Boar meat.

6.Sprouts began as a Farmers Market so its produce section is expansive. Be sure to visit the guys from Melissa’s produce who brought in some exotic fruits like dragon fruit and rambutan. You have to try the pixie tangerines.

7. Look for the dollar deals as part of the Grand Opening.  As you enter the store, Sprouts chips are just $1 a bag. A whole section of frozen vegetables are just $1. These prices only last until Sunday.

8.If you are looking for gluten free items; they will be marked with yellow tags on the shelf for easy identification.

9.Concerned about GMO? On the shelf, items that are GMO free will be marked with green tags.

10. Buy in Bulk—in the center of the store is the bulk section. You will find your typical trail mix, nuts and dry goods. But they also have protein powders in bulk for just $6.99 a pound.

11. There is a complete vitamin and supplement section, with well trained employees who can answer all of your questions about supplements. There is also a customer resource computer where you can look up the answer to any question you may have regarding an herb or essential oil,etc.

Sprouts is a great addition to Franklin.  It will be a destination for those looking to eat healthier without spending a bundle on groceries. For those of you who shopped at Wild Oats,it has a very similar feel. Sprouts is located  in the former Stein Mart building in the Maples Shopping Center.

Specials for opening day include:free tastings throughout the store, free resizable bag, first 200 shoppers get 20% off their purchase, and every 15th shopper gets a special coupon book. Sprouts opens at 7am today, March 2nd.


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