Savory Spice Shop Franklin Recipe: Honey Spice Ham Kebab


Savory Spice Franklin is featuring Brown Sugar & Spice Honey Ham Rub as their featured spice of the month.  The recipe for Honey Spice Ham Kebabs is so simple with just three ingredients including the Brown Sugar & Spice Honey Ham Rub.  You can even get the kids involved in making dinner with this recipe.  Be sure to stop by Savory Spice Shop Franklin in downtown Franklin on Main Street. Follow Savory Spice Shop for the latest updates on their Facebook page.



1 x thick slice from a bone-in ham or a ham steak, cut into large cubes
1 Tbsp. Brown Sugar & Spice Honey Ham Rub
1 x pineapple, mango or stone fruit, cut into large chunks (optional)

Sprinkle the rub on the ham cubes and thread them onto skewers. (If you’re using wooden skewers, soak them in water ahead of time, so they won’t burn on the grill.) You can thread the fruit between the ham, or put the fruit on separate skewers. Grill the skewers on a grill or on a grill pan just long enough to get grill marks on the meat and to warm it through. Serve warm.


4 servings

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