Half Moon Yoga Studio Closes

Half Moon/Moonbeam Yoga
photo from Moonbeam Yoga Facebook

Half Moon Yoga studio, located on International Drive in Franklin, has closed.

The studio shared the news via Facebook:

“Bittersweet moment as I watch the sign come down. Grateful for my classes I taught beforehand to get me in a good head space and thankful I booked to attend a class at Unity in Mt Juliet for tonight. Support any local yoga studio..we need them! Yoga studios tend to struggle during summer months anyway and are facing even more uncertainty following the pandemic. I know several studios are just barely operating mainly because they can’t get released from their leases. If you can’t or don’t want to go in person, at least try their offerings online.”

We spoke to Robbie Short, previous owner of Half Moon Yoga, who shared, “Yoga studios are a labor of love and service to communities and I am proud Half Moon Yoga had such a long run. It was one of the longest standing studios in the Nashville area.”

Short continued, “We were known to be very liberal and inclusive and offered various healing services to many demographics over the years. We focused on the full spectrum of yoga, not just the exercise. Any small business owner makes personal sacrifices with their time/energy/resources/money but as a single mom, I could not remain fiscally responsible especially with all the uncertainty coming out of isolation. The response to Covid crippled us. Overhead alone in Franklin is outrageous so you are constantly hustling day to day just to survive. We acted responsibly by closing March 14th yet were left out of government funding.”

“The world needs yoga and meditation more than ever and fortunately, I can continue my work mainly through The Hot Room Wellness Center, and partly Liberation in Nashville, and Unity Yoga in Mt. Juliet” Short concluded.

To find the latest locations Short will be teaching, follow Moonbeam Yoga on Facebook.