8 Health Benefits of Wine

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Whether you are celebrating, unwinding after a hard day, meeting new people or reuniting with long-time friends or family, wine seems to be a central part of gathering. At JJs Wine Bar, we understand that a glass is so much more than a strategically paired beverage accompanying a plate of delicious food. Apart from the mental benefits of relaxation and connection, wine has numerous physical health benefits. Here are our eight favorites.

Benefit 1: Boost in Immunity

Wine, in moderation (one 5 oz pour for women, two 5 oz pours for men), can give your immune system a boost. As we approach cooler weather, which means more time indoors and potential for more exposure to colds and other illnesses, not to mention a certain global pandemic, boosting your immune system is more important than ever.

Benefit 2: Bone Density

For all the benefits of wine, one of the most surprising may be an increase in bone density. As we age, our bones tend to get more brittle and break more easily. Reds, in particular, contain high levels of silicon, which helps with your bone mineral density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Benefit 3: Reduce Stroke Risk

Wine (alcohol in general) acts as a blood thinner. It can break up and prevent blood clots that could lead to a stroke. Red wines contain phenols, which act similarly to aspirin in their blood thinning properties.

Benefit 4: Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Tannins found in red wine contain procyanidins (phenols that neutralize free radicals), which have been shown in studies to prevent heart disease. Wine impacts blood vessel health and improves blood flow, leading to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Benefit 5: Lower Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

Resveratrol can lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol. That same compound also can lower blood pressure in those with hypertension.

Benefit 6: Reduce Chance of Type II Diabetes

If you are at risk for type II diabetes, whether because of genetic predisposition or nutritional challenges, wine may lower your chance of developing it. Wine improves sensitivity to insulin. Staving off your body’s inclination to be insulin resistant can be substantially helpful in preventing associated complications that come with type II diabetes.

Benefit 7: Improves Cognition

Who knew wine was also brain food? A glass of wine can increase and improve cognitive function. The chemicals in wine prevent neurons in the brain from dying. Because of these chemicals, the brain may be protected from neurological decline and diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other dementia conditions.

Benefit 8: Leads to Longer Living

Many studies on longevity point to a Mediterranean diet as an important component. This diet consists of consumption of olive oil, legumes, veggies and moderate consumption of fish and wine. The chemical resveratrol activates a protein that functions as an anti-aging agent.

Like most good things, moderation is key. The benefits of wine in moderation can actually turn detrimental physically as well as mentally, emotionally and socially in excess. Responsibly enjoy the wine and all of its benefits. And come to JJs Wine Bar to explore a wide variety of wine options!

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