1. They can be stopped

Super Lice is a catchy term used to describe the strain of head lice that have become resistant to over-the-counter pesticides that are found in familiar treatments such as Rid or Nix. Tennessee is one of the 25 states in which this resistant strain has been identified. The situation is not dissimilar to what we see commonly these days in antibiotic resistant bacteria. The good news is that with Super Lice, unlike antibiotic resistant bacteria, there is a simple, non-toxic, pesticide-free method of treatment can be more effective than any chemicals, whether they be over-the-counter or by prescription.

That method is mechanical removal with a specialized Nit Free comb. It eliminates all risks of side effects from chemicals. In addition, when weekly head checks are done consistently with the comb, it is a very effective tool for the prevention of further cases. Consumer Reports online article from September 2, 2015 states that combing is now safest and most preferred method of lice treatment.

Special thanks again to The Lice Place for information on this post.

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