3. They don’t always itch, so you might not know.

This is a very little known thing, compared to conventional wisdom.  It is not unique to the strain of lice called ‘super’ lice, but it does apply to them. Your head will not necessarily itch if you have lice, which is one very good reason to  be sure to know how to prevent getting lice, and to know what to do if you think you might be affected.

Anyway, like with some other pests (bed bugs, fleas) itchiness is caused by an allergic reaction to saliva. Not everyone is allergic to lice saliva, so not everyone gets itchy, making it harder to tell if you are infected. On top of this, many people who are allergic may not even experience itchiness for up to six weeks after they already have lice. So. Best to stay educated and get checked frequently.

Special thanks again to The Lice Place for information on this post.

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