The Growth of Brentwood High School

Brentwood High School

When Brentwood first incorporated as a city, all high school students had to be bused to Franklin. As a matter of fact, it took 13 years before the Williamson County School District built a high school in Brentwood. Until that time, going to the private Brentwood Academy was the only alternative to the long bus trip every morning and evening.

Opening of Brentwood High School

In the early 1980s, the population in the northern part of Williamson County began to expand, and Franklin High School became overcrowded. Brentwood High School opened in 1982.

Since its inception, Brentwood High School has had four principals, James Parker who opened the school, Dr. David Heath, Ms. Willie Dickerson, and Kevin Keidel, who took on the role in 2002.

Growth Brings Additions

Since opening, Brentwood High School has seen numerous additions. In only three years, the school’s enrollment outgrew the facilities and more classrooms were added. Only two years later a multi-purpose arts and athletics addition was constructed. Everything was fine until the early 2000s when there was another population explosion beginning, and the growth in populations hasn’t stopped since then.

Through the 2000s there were several athletic facility improvements, including a wrestling facility, a field house with weight room, a football locker room, a multipurpose athletic facility, football stadium improvements, new soccer facilities, the former auditorium was converted to a permanent gymnasium, and a 500-seat performing arts center was constructed. The newest projects include additional classroom space, improved athletic facilities, additional parking and a new three-story Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics building.

Academic Rankings as Top High School

Brentwood High School has made several lists as a top school in the nations. On the most recent U.S. News and World Report ranking of top schools in the nation, they took fifth place in the state of Tennessee, and they are one of the top 500 in the nation. They have also made the list of top schools in Newsweek.

The school has consistently produced more than ten National Merit Semi-Finalists per year since 2013.

State Championships in Athletics

Of all the schools in Williamson County, Brentwood High School’s teams have collectively won the most state championships in the county and fifth in the state, with 50 wins. Their volleyball team takes top honors with 13 wins. They also do well in track, tennis, and cross country.

Honors in the Arts

High performance in the arts is another draw to Brentwood High School. They have band, choir, orchestra, theatre, and they even have their own television station, WBHS-9.

Not many marching bands can say that they have been part of a music video, but Brentwood High School Band performed in the Brad Paisley video for his song, “Online.” They have performed in many parades around the country, including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Their band, choir, orchestra, and theatre groups have all won many honors. In 2016, the theatre department presented Any Number Can Die at the Tennessee State Thespian Conference.

One of the few high schools to have a fully functional television station. Since 2001, the station has been developing programming which covers the northern half of the county. Totally run by the school’s television production students, they are on the air for six hours offering news, announcements, school events, sports, and arts. They provide a what’s happen channel to the county’s middle schools. Brentwood High School offers a model for other school television stations around the state.

Prepares Student for the Future

Since opening the door in 1982, Brentwood High School has strived to prepare its students for the world of work and higher education.

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