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Biking at a Brentwood Park

Where the Trails Lead: Bike Trails in Brentwood

At the recent Brentwood 50th Anniversary Celebration in Crockett Park earlier this summer, there were almost more bicycles parked near the Eddy Arnold Amphitheater...
CoolSprings Galleria

Mall Wars: Retail vs. Residential

In our continuing series celebrating Brentwood's 50th birthday, today we're writing about how CoolSprings Galleria came to be. What residents love about Brentwood is the...
Betty Reagan

Betty Reagan: Brentwood’s First Female City Commissioner

Thirty years ago, a local realtor, mother of five, and community servant named Betty Reagan was approached to become the first woman to serve...
Brentwood Library

Library Grows with City of Brentwood

The Brentwood Library started from humble beginnings. It was opened during the Summer of 1968 as a “library station” at the Brentwood Cleaners building...
Pear Fest

Remember When: Pear Fest in Brentwood

When Brentwood High School was first opened in 1982, it was in need of funds for anything beyond the building and books. First principal...
City of Brentwood 20th Anniversary Float

Chamber Finds Lost Photos of Brentwood 20th Anniversary

We all groan when the topic of moving comes up, but sometimes long forgotten treasures can appear. In the process of moving to a...
vintage brentwood fire department photo

Brentwood Fire Department Goes Public in the 1980s

Brentwood Fire and Rescue is a baby compared to many fire departments. However, in its 33 years, it has accomplished much. The department has...
Brentwood Farmers Market at City Park

The History of Mooreland Mansion

The grounds of City Park have a long heritage that goes back to 1785 when General Robert Irvin was granted the land for his...
Brent Fest

BrentFest Celebrates City’s 50 Years

BrentFest got the city’s 50th birthday party started. Even from a distance, the minute you heard the music through the trees, the celebratory atmosphere...
service merchandise

Remember When: Service Merchandise

For 68 years, Service Merchandise called Tennessee home, moving their national headquarters to Brentwood in the early 1980s. They were one of the first...

The Back Corner
Tue, Aug 20 6:30 pm
Grand Ole Opry House
Tue, Aug 20 7:00 pm
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Tue, Aug 20 7:30 pm
The Listening Room Cafe
Tue, Aug 20 8:30 pm