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granny white pike sign

10 Brentwood Street Names with a Story to Tell

Street names tell a lot about the history of a city. If you live or travel through Brentwood often, you've probably driven these streets...
beginnings of i-65

I-65 Effect: Brentwood Goes from Farmland to Business Center

What does the British Royal family have to do with Brentwood? You see, whether one is a royal watcher or a business executive, the...
hardscuffle community

Hardscuffle Community Ended as Today’s Brentwood Began

The Hardscuffle Community (what is now East Church Street running from Wilson Pike Circle to Edmonson Pike in Brentwood) began after the Civil War...
Boiling Spring Academy

A Snapshot of Early Brentwood History

Driving through Brentwood, there are street signs scattered here and there that tell the story of the city long before it was incorporated. One...

City of Brentwood Celebrates 50 Years

Whether you have lived in Brentwood all your life or just moved here last month, the City of Brentwood invites everyone to celebrate 50...
Brentwood 50th Birthday

City of Brentwood Hits Half a Century

Happy Birthday, Brentwood! On April 15, 2019, the city will be celebrating its 50th birthday. Once nothing more than a coach-stop on the road...

The Bluebird Cafe
Thu, Feb 21 6:00 pm
Ryman Auditorium
Thu, Feb 21 7:30 pm
3rd and Lindsley
Thu, Feb 21 7:30 pm
City Winery
Thu, Feb 21 8:00 pm
The Franklin Theatre
Thu, Feb 21 8:00 pm