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312 shadow creek dr, brentwood

Brentwood’s Low-Density Zoning Law Has Made All the Difference

One of the most important laws adopted by Brentwood’s early leadership is the one-acre density ruling. Ratified in 1972 by the town council, this...
City of Brentwood 50th

Photos: Golden Gallop Parade Honoring Brentwood’s 50th Anniversary

The City of Brentwood’s first official 50th Anniversary event, “A Golden Gallop” parade, took place Saturday, April 13. The parade title is a nod to...
Brentwood Horse Show

Brentwood Horse Show Last Harrah on Maryland Farms in 1970s

The Brentwood Horse Show was an event, sponsored by the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce, that took place in the late 1970s. The event was...
Brentwood 50th Golden Gallop Map

A Golden Gallop Set to Kick off Brentwood’s 50th

The City of Brentwood’s first official 50th community event, “A Golden Gallop” parade, is set to roll through Maryland Farms on Saturday, April 13th...
Brentwood Police Department

Howard Buttrey: Brentwood’s First Police Chief

When Howard Buttrey started as the Brentwood Chief of Police on February 1, 1971, he began with nothing. By 1989, he was able to...

Grand Ole Opry House
Tue, Apr 23 7:00 pm
American Legion Post 82
Tue, Apr 23 8:00 pm
Marathon Music Works
Wed, Apr 24 8:00 pm
The Basement
Wed, Apr 24 9:00 pm