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land rover

Top 5 Land Rover Maintenance Tasks

There are few makes that provide luxury with reliability the way Land Rover does. But unfortunately, even Land Rovers are not perfect. These vehicles...

5 Most Common Audi Repairs

It’s true that Audis are great luxury vehicles. It’s also true that, unfortunately, no vehicle is infallible. All makes and models have at least...
under the hood of the car

3 Reasons to Get Your Car Serviced on a Regular Basis

We ask a lot of our cars! Commuting to and from work, taking the kids to all of their activities, the occasional road trip;...
ed's british 4x4

Ed’s British 4×4: Your Hometown Car Mechanic

Hearing an odd sound coming from your car or seeing a strange notification light up on your dash is stressful. What does it mean?...
Lotus Esprit

Lotus Esprit: The”Submarine Car”

A rare car and even more unique history, the Lotus Esprit is one that has gained notoriety for many reasons. The car debuted at...
1962 Morris Mini Super

The Evolution of the Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper is one of the most recognizable British cars on the road today. It became an iconic British car due to its...
Aston Martin db5

Aston Martin DB5: “The Most Famous Car in the World”

Among British cars, the Aston Martin manufacturer is one of the most popular. The James Bond film series helped catapult the growth of the...

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Land Rover

Land Rover has become one of the most iconic brands in the automotive industry. Even if you don't know much about cars, you probably...
Land Rover

Ed’s British 4×4: Your Go-to for Land Rover Service

Land Rovers are known for being expertly designed cars. In fact, the Range Rover Velar was named the most beautifully designed vehicle, winning the...
british car

Tips to Take Care of Your British Car

If you own a British car or are interested in purchasing one, these tips are for you. While many car maintenance tips are universal,...

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