Top 5 Land Rover Maintenance Tasks

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There are few makes that provide luxury with reliability the way Land Rover does. But unfortunately, even Land Rovers are not perfect. These vehicles may require frequent maintenance. Here are five issues that often need to be fixed or replaced on Land Rovers:

1. Get Collision Repair Services

It’s true that Land Rovers are not cheap, and this is for good reason: these high-quality vehicles roll off the dealer’s lot with some of the auto industry’s most sophisticated features and qualities. Everybody wants to avoid collisions at all costs, of course, but accidents are unavoidable. This is why most Land Rover owners will end up seeking out Land Rover collision repair at least once while owning the make.

2. Look Out for Braking System Problems

Land Rovers have disc brakes in the front and back like most other vehicles, and the calipers are an important aspect of the disc brake system. Brake fluid is released to the master cylinder and calipers once the brake pedal is pressed. Pressure is then applied to the pistons inside the calipers via the brake fluid, and this pushes the brake pads against the rotors of the vehicle, causing it to slow. After years of use, contamination and rust can overcome the calipers, causing brake fluid to leak. Brake calipers absorb a lot of heat, and excessive heat can significantly weaken or damage the caliper’s seal.

3. Check the Air Conditioning

Most vehicles experience air conditioning problems. It’s best to get these problems addressed and fixed before you need your vehicle’s air-conditioning most. (February/March? Great time to get it done!) Contact reliable Land Rover repair to have your system examined.

4. Check the Gearbox

It’s important to pay attention to the condition of your vehicle’s gearbox, especially if you drive a Land Rover. Unverified reports have speculated that Range Rovers and other Land Rover vehicles experience gearbox problems frequently. Most of these problems have to do with proper gearbox lubrication and filtration. Take your Land Rover to a licensed and certified technician to know just how well the gearbox in your vehicle is performing.

5. Check Your Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearing assemblies on most Land Rovers include hardened-steel ball bearings or roller bearings, and these roll both on and around bearing races. Both the front and rear axle are supported by wheel bearings, which means they effectively support the weight of the whole vehicle. The steel used to make wheel bearings is incredibly durable, designed to withstand numerous impacts that happen on the road. There are a few ways to test if wheel bearings need replacement, but the best thing to do is consult an expert Land Rover technician.

Where to Get High-Quality Land Rover Repair in Tennessee
If you’re a Land Rover owner in Middle Tennessee, there’s a good chance you’ve sought high-quality Land Rover maintenance services in the past. There’s also a good chance you’ve needed Land Rover collision repair, too. If you don’t have already have a trusted mechanic you love working with, do yourself a favor and come visit Ed’s British 4×4 the next time you need exceptional repair services for your Land Rover! Our trusted and reliable Brentwood Land Rover repair services are preferred by both in-state and out-of-state customers.

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