Land Rover

Land Rovers are known for being expertly designed cars. In fact, the Range Rover Velar was named the most beautifully designed vehicle, winning the World Car Design of the Year title at the 2018 World Car Awards.

Since 1948, when Land Rover originally launched in England, the company has consistently worked to enhance their design and driving experience, making Land Rover the “ultimate in modern SUVs…exhibiting a unique blend of expert operational technology and attractive user comforts and features,” writes Car Buying Strategies.

Land Rover has become an iconic brand. For many Land Rover owners, they cherish their car. They enjoy driving and exploring their Land Rover, talking about it with others and they don’t mind taking care of it so they can enjoy it for years to come. For many, driving a Land Rover evokes sentimental feelings.

As Ben Fogle wrote for The Telegraph, “I get a shudder of excitement and happiness whenever I sit in one, like an excited schoolboy. No other car has such an effect on me. I would swap all the Aston Martins, Ferraris and Porsches in the world for a boxy Land Rover Defender.”

If you are a Land Rover owner, you may know these feelings well. And if you cherish something as deeply as Land Rover owners cherish their cars, you need a reliable service center, because as lovely as Land Rovers are, they are not immune to auto repairs.

Ed’s British 4×4 in Brentwood is passionate about Land Rovers. They are Middle Tennessee’s only independent Land Rover/Range Rover service center and have been in business for over 10 years. Their staff has over 50 years of Land Rover/Range Rover experience and their business is run on three simple ideas: hard work, honesty and fairness. Ed’s 4×4 says the success of their business is thanks to their dedicated, knowledgeable techs who help fulfill their business philosophy.

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