Spinners Record Shop Expands to Franklin

Spinners Record Shop
photo from Spinners Record Shop Facebook

Spinners Record Shop, which opened in Spring Hill in 2019, is expanding to Franklin.

The new Franklin shop will be located at 1912 Columbia Ave, Suite A, Spinners shared with us.

In a social media post, they shared, “Working double-time to get our second location open. Oh, by the way, we are opening a second location in Franklin. Things are moving fast and we should be up and running soon. All I can tell you is that the girls will be running this one and it will reflect their taste in music almost entirely. A record boutique of sorts!”

In regards to the opening date, they stated Spinners in Franklin hopes to open in the next couple of weeks.

Spinners buys and trade records, cassettes, CDs, vintage band tees, vintage pop culture tees, stereo equipment, vintage buttons and pins, and many other items that are music-related.

If you are interested in selling your collection or know someone who might be interested in selling, Spinners asked that you message them, they are willing to travel to purchase items for the store.

Visit the Spring Hill location at 2001 Campbell Station Parkway. For the latest updates, visit Spinners Record Shop on Facebook. 


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