Nearly everyone enjoys the comfort and relaxation of a pool, but there are also benefits to certain types of pools.

Having a pool, like a lap pool, for exercising regularly has been found to have many benefits on the body from relaxing muscles, increasing blood flow, helping with conditions such as arthritis and autoimmune disease, as well as the general benefits of exercise in general.

How does aquatic exercise provide a good workout? The water assists by supporting the weight of the individual, so your body only has to worry about moving. This takes the pressure off joints and relieves stress on your body, which is especially beneficial for individuals who may be injured or have a condition that makes things like walking and other land exercise hard to do. The water also adds natural resistance to the movements, which allows your body to strengthen and recover better than just straight physical therapy.

This method has been used by athletic teams and therapists for a long time in strength training and injury recovery and is often recommended to senior citizens as a way of effectively using their energy and time to get the most out of their exercise.

The thing about aquatic exercise, though, is it not only offers a less stressful mode of exercise, but it also hits all major muscle groups in one workout, something that a single exercise like walking can’t do. With the benefits to the body including helping strengthen your respiratory and circulatory systems, this makes pool exercise great for people of all ages and interests.

lap-poolLap pools are one way to get all these health benefits from aquatic exercise. Their designs tend to be narrow with a length of over 50 feet. This rectangular shape, though, is not the only design, but because of the long and narrow nature of the design it makes them popular for small lots and fits with nearly any style house beautifully.

There are a lot of options for placement, such as out in the yard, but the most popular in just a glance of online venues shows the pools being placed parallel to the house where the deck flows into it, making the pool an extension of the social space of the house.

Even though you may choose this as an option for exercise, it can also be used to entertain, just like any other pool. Other people have surrounded the pool with landscaped gardens or unique planters. There is even the option of adding a Jacuzzi to the pool, just like traditionally designed pools. This allows you to exercise by swimming, then to relax your body to start or end your day right.

The exercise gained by lap pools can also be achieved through a pool that you already have by installing a swim jet. Heather Crawford, owner of Clearwater Pools, said this is a “great alternative to the traditional lap pool by allowing for a smaller sized pool as well as being utilized in more traditional styles.”

The swim jet provides an adjustable current for a mild to vigorous workout that can give you endless swimming or the ability to walk in place with resistance. The jet can also add to the entertainment and fun of the pool as it can help you create your own water park in your back yard by making the pool into its own lazy river or choppy water for boogie boarding.

If you think having a low-stress exercise option is right for you, as always, visit your local pool specialist at Clearwater Pools in Brentwood for the option that will work best for you and your house.