Donna is one of those former corporate types (Xerox) who wanted to try something new. She went from marketing to blogger and now Style Editor, and is always on the look out for what’s trending in restaurants, new stores, charity events and entertainment. To keep up the pace, Donna is usually found drinking a Cafe Americano or on occasion a Mocha. When she is not drinking coffee, you will often find her on a tennis court where lots of stories and sometimes drama can be found. She really does love a good story and thinks that laughter is the key to happiness. Her family brings her joy on most days but especially from 9 pm until 6 am. That statement will only make sense to moms as she has three children. However, as Donna always says, she can’t imagine doing anything else but what she is doing now. She feels as if she was made to tell stories, live in the chaos and enjoy the ride. 

Having attended college in Nashville, she recalls a time when Franklin was only one exit and the Cool Springs Galleria was a farm. She and her family live in Brentwood. You can follow her on Twitter @donnavissman for daily updates about stories and life.

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