Why Hiring A Professional Is Worth The Investment

By: Amanda Gates
AB HOME Interiors


Often times when I meet a client for the first time they will say they have never worked with an interior designer before. This is perfectly OK. I’m here to help you create a beautiful home and make the process a lot of fun, while saving you time and money. However, some clients feel that a designer may be too expensive or not worth the investment. Yes, many of my clients are terrific decorators and they can get 85% of the job done and do it well. But it is that last 15% where a professional designer can really make all the difference and take your “great” to “wow!”

Recently I helped a local gal, Jessica, do just this. Her father, a local contractor was updating an old farmhouse in Franklin and they were struggling to sell it. Not sure of what to do, Jessica finally convinced her father they needed help. She contacted me and despite Dad not wanting to work with me, she trusted that I could come up with something amazing.


When I arrived at the house what I saw was a 100-year-old bland, generic home with no personality. It lacked landscaping, color and most importantly, a path to the front door.


My plan was simple. I wanted to build up the pillars, create a porch for entertaining and add more color. I presented to them a home exterior with personality and color…


Dad was over the moon and couldn’t believe what a difference it made adding just a few elements. He immediately got to work and here are the results:



He still had a few more things to do when this photo was taken. However, the home sold immediately. It just goes to show that a little money can really go a long way when invested right.

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