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Faith Hill

Did You Know These Celebrities Were Adopted?

November is National Adoption Month and today is Orphan Sunday. And what you may not know is there are quite a few celebrities that...
Just Love Coffee

5 Things to Know About Just Love Coffee

Just Love Coffee is ready for those looking to get caffeinated in the morning, lunchtime or after work hours. It is located in the...

Show Hope Launches Adoption Aid

Over the past 11 years, international adoptions to the U.S. have dropped by a drastic 70%, due in large part to changes in governmental...

Sat, Mar 28 7:00 pm
Hop Springs Beer Park
Sat, Mar 28 7:30 pm
CMA Theater
Sat, Mar 28 8:00 pm
Nashville Municipal Auditorium
Sat, Mar 28 8:00 pm