Onyx & Alabaster Opens in New Location

Onyx + Alabaster
photo by Donna Vissman

The design studio created by interior designer Tanya Hembree, Onyx & Alabaster opens at its new location today, Wednesday, May 26 at 234 Public Square in downtown Franklin. The studio’s previous location was on 2nd Avenue North in downtown Franklin.

Onyx & Alabaster will officially open at 12:30 pm with a grand opening event for the public to enjoy.

To celebrate their grand opening, they are offering giveaways which include a weekly cup of coffee, a $500 gift card, and a two-hour consultation.

Included in the new studio design is a retail space and a coffee shop open to the public.

Ahead of the opening, Onyx & Alabaster’s Tanya Hembree shared via Instagram, “Opening a space downtown has been a dream of mine since we stepped foot in Franklin, in 2011. In 2016, when I was able to have my first brick ‘n’ mortar near downtown, I could only afford to be near the factory. Then we graduated and were able to slip onto 2nd Avenue in 2018, prior to the hotel being built.”

She continued, “But being on Main Street is where I dreamed of. It’s funny because I dreamt of being in the fire station at the other end of Main Street where Franklin Road currently resides. Not realizing one day I would have the original Fire Hall with more expansive space, two floors with nearly 4,600 square feet and a view of the square. This truly is a dream come true and a gift from God.”

“Opening a business in the town that I love, where I can impact lives in our community through beauty, design, and now connection with our coffee lounge is truly a dream come true!” she adds.

Hours of operation are Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 6 pm. For the latest updates, visit Onyx & Alabaster on Facebook. 

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