Make Your ‘Work-from-Home’ Space Holiday Ready With These 6 Tips

While the work-from-home style has undoubtedly risen in popularity, we all know that fitting a computer desk into your one-bedroom apartment or using a closet space for five zoom meetings in a row is less than ideal. Among these challenges has been working around this space while hosting friends and family, especially around the holidays. However, creating an area for work and play doesn’t have to be complicated.

No matter your work style, we can help you prepare your space for any occasion. Here are 6 tips to help give your guests the best experience for the holiday season.

1. Create Spaces For Gathering

No matter the number of guests you may be expecting in your home, one of the best ways to help get your space ready for the holidays is to create places for gathering. Not only do these spaces encourage friendly conversation, but they also provide an area for people to hang out for extended periods.

Some examples include:

  • Offering a variety of comfortable dining room seating areas.
  • Maximizing space with added seating around kitchen islands.
  • Decorating a recreation room with holiday décor or a fun theme.

2. Add Multi-Functional Seating

One thing that you might not think about until the holiday season is seating. With an increased number of guests, you have to wonder, where are they going to sit and eat? For this reason, adding some type of multi-functional seating that can be useful outside of the holiday season is ideal.

A few examples of multi-functional seating include:

  • Poufs
  • Footrests
  • Ottomans

All of these options are great for any season and can add comfort and a touch of texture to your home.

3. Revive that Spare Bedroom


If you were one of those people who converted your spare bedroom into a workspace during COVID, this one’s for you! The privacy that a spare bedroom offers is perfect for your workspace, but it’s also a welcome place for relatives who return or stay for a long time.

Create a welcoming environment using one of these tips:

  • If space allows, remove your desk from the bedroom so your guests feel welcome.
  • Use a room divider to separate the welcoming personal space from your workspace.
  • De-clutter your desk and turn off your computer for a clean room without distraction.
  • Add a holiday candle or holiday décor for added color and ambiance.

Planning for your guests to stay longer? You may have to find another quiet space to work where guests aren’t going to gather. If you don’t have an additional bedroom to use, try a large closet, a finished basement, or a hallway that gets little traffic. Finally, consider using your bedroom as a multifunctional room for the time being.

4. Tidy Up


More than anything, cleaning up your space is the quickest and easiest way to transform your area for the holidays, especially if you have little kids or pets running around. Picking up around your apartment and putting things away will help remove some stress from your life and give guests some additional space to set down their things.

When in the process of cleaning, keep your guests in mind with designated areas for personal belongings. Guests will have peace of mind without the need to search for personal items.

Some examples include:

  • Finding spaces for additional coats and jackets.
  • Setting out a designated key jar for guests to store car keys.
  • Forming an area for shoes, purses, and backpacks.

Did you know? A customer searching for houses or browsing shopping departments may exhibit more stress in an area that is cluttered. Don’t let the same stress occur in your home!

5. Make it Warm


There’s nothing like a cozy space to feel comfortable in, especially when you’re a guest at someone else’s dinner party. Keep this in mind when getting your own space ready!

Some ideas include:

  • Adding throw pillows and blankets for seating. Be sure to choose fabrics based on your specific climate, e.g., wool, cotton, and sherpa.
  • Don’t have a fireplace? Create the experience of warmth with an electric fireplace.

6. Create Ambiance


Along with creating a warm space that offers relaxation and comfort, setting the right tone for your gathering is important. Ambiance can take on many forms for gatherings, from late-night post-games to relaxed family dinners. Use ambiance to create an occasion that your guests will love!

Some examples of ambiance include:

  • Add music to fit the mood. Be your own DJ and play your favorite playlist. Adding background music is an easy way to create the right type of ambiance in any space.
  • Create an ambiance with light. This can include fairy lights, strands of holiday lighting over the windows, and battery-operated candles in bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Looking for a night of fun? Add themed lighting or colors to your space through disco balls, strobe lighting, or colorful themed lights.
  • Use candle warmers, aromatherapy, and oil diffusers to create a glowing space.
  • Pro Tip: Save on the price of candles and aromatherapy by creating your own holiday potpourri on your stovetop! Test your favorite scents a day or two before your gathering to see which ones you prefer.

And Remember…It’s All In The Details

With just the right amount of décor, you can merge your workspace and your hopes of a gathering space into a one-of-a-kind experience that your guests will love. Your space can be converted into a seasonal gathering, regardless of whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or you have a full house with little children and pets!

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