Massage Cranial Sacral Therapy

Have you ever heard of Craniosacral therapy? If you suffer from migraines, sinus infections, headaches and even neck pain, this type of therapy may ease your pain.

Cranial sacral therapy (also known as craniosacral therapy) is a non-invasive gentle form of bodywork that relieves compression in the bones of the head, sacrum, and spinal column. With the use of gentle pressure on the head, neck, and back, it helps to relieve the stress and pain caused by compression. According to, it’s thought that through the gentle manipulation of the bones in the skull, spine, and pelvis, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the central nervous system can be normalized. This removes “blockages” from the normal flow, which enhances the body’s ability to heal.

Nicole, a massage therapist at A Moments Peace in Cool Springs, says she utilizes it in all her massages because of its benefits and is one of the best and most relaxing massages she’s ever had.

At A Moments Peace, you can make an appointment for a 45-minute or 60-minute Cranial Sacral Therapy Session. Learn more here.

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