Emily West Sells Out Franklin Theatre

Emily West was the headliner for the Music Health Alliance fundraiser at the Franklin Theatre recently.  We got the opportunity to sit down with her for a few moments before the show started to learn more about her time on America’s Got Talent and how she spends her time when she is not singing to a sold out audience.

Emily West before her time on America’s Got Talent was no stranger to music.  Actually, she and her family moved from Iowa to Franklin when she was 18 years old for a record deal in country music.  West was nominated for an ACM award back in 2010 as well as featured on Celebrity Apprentice  which is where she met Cyndi Lauper.   But as some artist know, record deals often don’t work out as planned.  That’s when West decided to audition for America’s Got Talent where she was the runner up for this year’s show. West playlist for the evening included songs like   “Sea of Love” the song that sealed the deal for her appearance at Radio City Music Hall for America’s Got Talent along with  the fan favorite “Chandelier” and “Bang Bang.”

WS:  What was it like to stand on stage at America’s Got Talent and hear your name called as the runner-up?

West: It was of those tunnel vision moments, I was trying to remember everything.  And even in trying to remember,  I honestly can’t remember all of it.  But  I am so glad I finally got to do what I was meant to do.

WS: You recently signed a record deal with Sony, tell us about that experience?

West: I walked into Sony Masterworks and presented them with what type of record I wanted to produce and they loved.  My manager in his british accent turned to me and said” Emily you just got a record deal.”  I will finally get to make the dream record I’ve been wanting to make.  Basically, I feel like there is a lull for another Barbara Streisand and I’m trying to fill that spot.

WS: You sang with Cyndi Lauper on America’s Got Talent, how did that relationship begin?

West:  We met when I was on my other label when I appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice Show.  We exchanged numbers and kept in touch.  Then when I got the opportunity to pick a celebrity to sing with, I had to pick Cindy.  It was a full circle moment for me as she has been like a momma-hen to me.   She is like my hero and such an icon.  Last minute words to me before we performed were “Have fun, it’s not rocket science.”

WS: What do you like about living in Williamson County?

West:   I often say thank you Lord, for allowing me to live in this beautiful place.  I feel like I am living in a doll house here in Franklin where you see all of the women out lunching and enjoying life.  The people make it home.  You can find me at the Mercantile and Whole Foods are favorite places to eat.

Thanks to Emily West for taking time out to speak with us.  To find out more about her new album which is set to release in March, go here to her Facebook page or here to her website.