At the beginning of June, we first reported that the historic Halfway Market in Franklin would soon close. Saturday, June 22 will be their last day. After their initial post on Facebook alerting the community of the closing, the market shared the post had been read 32,000 times, with hundreds of comments.

The market gave an update on Facebook saying, “Please keep walking through the door … until it’s no longer ours to open (June 22).” Halfway Market is located at 3101 Southall Road and is open 6am until 6pm daily.

In addition, they shared a slide show of photos from the last 12 years featuring regular customers and those famous biscuits.

Loyal followers of the market have shared their memories of the Halfway Market.

Jim Ladd shared, “There’s no other place in Franklin that reflects old Franklin for folks like me. Mom was born about 2 miles from the market. It’s been a memory haven for me. A place I could go and feel the local kinship I experienced when I was growing up! I will miss the market more than words can say”

Peggie Zajic Landrigan shared, “We moved here to raise our kids in a small community. One with love & gathering places like The Halfway. We are upset with the expansion that is going on around us, but always loved going to Halfway. It was comfort in our community. We are so very sad that now even The Halfway will be gone. Franklin is becoming New York”

Eric Jackson shared, “I have grown up and spent my entire life in Leiper’s Fork and have memories of 3 places. Halfway Market, The Country Boy restaurant and Davis General Store. Those 3 places are iconic to Williamson County and are part of the many reasons so many people want to call Williamson County home. However, all 3 have been challenged over the decades with the simple task of making rent and negotiating reasonable prices with their landlords. With all the growth, all over Williamson County the very reason people have come here is the very thing being extinguished at a rapid pace. These businesses represent a part of humanity that has to continue to be paid forward or we may not like what we are left with for future generations. Stepping foot inside the Halfway Market was like stepping back in time and stepping into a place that is in the business of cultivating connections. I spend many a morning grabbing breakfast at the Market before 6am and even then, the Market is alive with many different generations of people connecting with each other and learning from each other. The experience can be thought of as the very opposite of Starbucks where you step inside and connect with your very complicated coffee and then your devices.”



  1. My children grew up with GooseCreek Market and Henpeck Market! They are both closed! My husband and I decided to move to Franklin when we were 20 years old so our children could grow up in the country because Nashville was getting too big. Now look at Franklin! I’m sad. We live next to Berry Farms so no longer country out here..

  2. Guess what!! The owner of Halfway lives in Brentwood! She has no concern about the out come
    Of what the closing of this community store brings to the many that patronize it every day!
    To say nothing of the people that are connected to the store in a business form

  3. No, the owner does not live in Brentwood. She is the daughter of one of the owners. There are 2 owners of Halfway Mkt. One of which is forcing the other out. As bad as I hate to see this happen, sometimes our hands are tied. We have been in this community 40+ years and hate that this is happening. Please continue to keep Halfway Mkt and one of the owners in your thoughts & prayers.

  4. I know life’s not fair but when I moved here five years ago this little Community is the reason why everybody loves each other schooling to give the shirt off their backs to a stranger and you’ve got these businesses that want him to come in here and take over the little communities that in 50 years won’t exist because app development I pray that I live long enough to see the community stay and I’m originally from Texas but Tennessee is my home and leiper’s Fork is where I’ll stay!! Halfway Market and the people who live work there and if it’s that it I’ve always been so welcome meaning kind and with netts Country Store being sold Davis General Store everybody wants to come in and take over what we have left like I said at the beginning life’s not fair but for anybody who out there that reads and listens to us please take into consideration that you’re taking our home away from us we move out to the country for a reason for peace and serenity away from the city so we asked do not come in and build on top of us or push us out we do our best to be the community in history it makes leiper’s Fork halfway Market netts grocery Country Boy Puckett’s Davis store all those places mean something to us and it’s community visitors tourist famous singers and actors they move here for a reason the same exact reasons why we are here so for whatever reason halfway Market is having to close it will always be memories people to share them with. He may take the store but they can’t take us people out.

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