DJ Pryor

Clarksville Comedian DJ Pryor recently posted a video of him talking with his 19-month old son Kingston. The video has been viewed over 65,000 times.

Now, the comedian and his son just appeared in a video for Denny’s for a Father’s Day promotion about a little “booth time.” Denny’s shared they captured the moment between DJ and Kingston as they shared a grand slam. Kingston’s brother, Jabari, who made appearances in The Konichiwa Kid, Message Read, coached his brother from behind the camera. Watch Denny’s video below.

How did the viral video with his son Kingston happen?

On, it shared that Pryor’s wife casually videoed the two talking after he finished watching an episode of Empire. The video was first posted to her Facebook page where it racked up over 58 million views.

Pryor was born in Virginia, the oldest of twelve and moved to Clarksville, Tennessee as his father was military and based there. In 2017, he did a voice over in a Jack Daniels commercial followed by an Allstate commercial. He also has made appearances in two movies “Country Strong” and “Message Read.” January, Pryor was selected for a CBS Diversity Comedy Sketch Showcase to perform in six shows. The event is attended by executives and casting directors. Pryor told Talk of the Town there’s a sitcom in the works.


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