Alliance Volleyball Club: “We Don’t Have Access to Our Property”

The unexpected closing of A-Game Sportsplex in Franklin on Thursday has rocked the local community. It was understood by those who use the facility that AI. Neyer  plans to purchase the building, turning it into office space and the building was expected to stay open until March 31st. But hockey players and figure skaters were greeted with a locked building when they arrived to train on Thursday morning.

A-Game offers hundreds of local athletes a place to practice, train and play. The facility supports volleyball, hockey, figure skating, basketball and more. Jeff Wismer, Club Director of the Alliance Volleyball Club, which has a lease with A-Game, was a guest on 99.7’s Dan Mandis Show Friday.

On the show, Wismer said that they were never approached about re-structuring their lease and he is willing to re-negotiate their lease agreement. As of now, he has not signed anything terminating his lease, which runs through September 30, 2017.

It was reported Thursday that the Franklin Police Department was assisting clubs and teams to enter the building and collect their things but Wismer said his club has not been invited in to get their belongings.

“We currently do not have access to our property; I do not have access to my office,” he said, adding that he can’t access his files to do payroll. He employs over 90 coaches.

The Alliance Volleyball Club was slated to host 120 teams for a 3-day tournament next weekend. As of now, they do not know what they will do. Tournaments such as these not only bring business to A-Game but also the local economy. Wismer said that tournament alone would require over 1,000 nights of hotel rooms.

Thursday evening, members of the Volleyball Alliance Club and other sports groups who rely on A-Game protested the closing of the sports facility. Click here to see photos and video.

Why is A-Game Closing?




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