9 Ways To Create Your Outdoor Sanctuary

By: Amanda Gates

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Outdoor Living:
Fast, Easy Tips to Create Your Dream Patio

Last year, I did a podcast with outdoor specialist Ashleigh Lynn on easy ways to update your outdoor space. At the time I didn’t have an outdoor space to work on, but I dreamed of creating a sanctuary like the ones we discussed on the show. A space with a garden, comfortable seating, candles, food and magic—you know those spaces, the ones dreams are made of. Sounds totally cheese ball I know, but nothing helps the soul regroup and recharge like a well designed outdoor space.

This year, David and I are excited to start working on the patio of our new home. We’ve been here about six months and it can be daunting to think of sweet basil and flowing fountains when it’s nine degrees outside. But, I’ve been formulating a grand plan since we got here and can’t wait to share it with all of you! Like many New Orleans style patios, ours is compact and holds a lot of great character! See below:

Patio, AB HOME

Surprisingly, our patio (at only 600 square feet) is coming in pretty high on the quote factor! I’ve had three landscapers out here and all have been giving us quotes through the roof. Now if I were landscaping a full back yard, high numbers would make since, but this tiny thing does not yield these kinds of numbers, at least not in my book; and neither do any of the realtors I know! So I went back to my podcast with Ashleigh, did some research of my own and made a list of 9 patio must-haves:

*  Include an herb garden to create fragrance and cooking staples
* Always have comfortable outdoor furniture
* A water fountain or fireplace as a focal point
* BBQ for entertaining and cooking those yummy herbs
* Lanterns with candles for ambience
* Area rug for extra comfort, color and texture
* Music to lift your mood and create a relaxed environment
* Art for color and texture ( I plan on commissioning an artist to paint our gate!)
* Throw cushions for added comfort, taking naps, color and style

All in all, I want to have a fountain,  artistic additions from local artists, containers full of plants and comfortable seating. I may have to do this over time, but my list above is easy to implement right away. Want more tips? Be sure to listen to the podcast and find more info on outdoor living on the AB HOME blog.


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