Your New Back-to-School Workout

Studio novo

Have you been looking for a new workout to start up this late Summer/early Fall? Studio Novo’s sustainable Megaformer workout may just be your answer.  It’s efficient, safe, and intense all at once. We all know that life sometimes gets in the way of working out, which is why the effective Megaformer class may be a good option as you only need to take a class 2-4 times per week to see benefits of the method.

Here are five things to know before taking your first class at Studio Novo

1. First class is free!  Studio Novo requires online registration as there are only 10 spots available per class.

2.  Be sure to arrive early so they can give you an overview of the machine prior to class
3. Bring grip socks, or Studio Novo has lots of fun sock options for sale in the studio for $12.
4. Inform the coach of any injuries you have; all of their coaches are certified and can adjust and modify all exercises for you
5. You can expect the class to move quickly, but the exercise to be performed slowly, you can expect your muscles to shake, and to burn anywhere from 500-700 calories throughout the day per Megaformer class.

Studio Novo is celebrating their 2 year anniversary through the Month of August. They are offering lots of special priced packages as well as some fun surprises at their studios throughout the month. Studio Novo is located at 9040 Carothers Parkway, Franklin.

To learn more, or if you have questions, email Anna Tefel at [email protected]

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