Williamson County Coronavirus Case Count

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The Tennessee Department of Health frequently updates its information on the number of COVID-19 cases in Tennessee and other information every day at 2pm here: www.tn.gov/health/cedep/ncov.html.

As the health department updates its site, we will update this article.

Last update: Oct 25

Total Positive Results for Williamson County: 7,102
Previous Day’s Total Cases (Oct 24): 6,971

Totals for State of Tennessee

Confirmed Cases: 234,320
Probable Cases:
Total Cases:
Previous Day’s Total Cases (Oct 24): 244,087

Reporting Inactive/Recovered Cases

Starting Sept. 3, TDH case count reports will include figures for “Inactive/Recovered” cases and will no longer include data for “Recovered” cases. “Inactive/Recovered” cases will include people who are 14 days or more beyond their illness onset date (or, for asymptomatic cases, their specimen collection date). This will more closely align with what is now understood about the infectious period of COVID-19, as recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show most patients with COVID-19 are no longer infectious after 10 days. Previously, TDH considered a case recovered after a 21-day period.

Probable Cases

Beginning June 12, TDH began adding probable cases to the daily case counts, and a report of total polymerase chain reaction, or PCR tests completed.

The total number of COVID-19 cases includes both laboratory-confirmed cases and probable cases as defined in Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveillance case definitions: wwwn.cdc.gov/nndss/conditions/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19/case-definition/2020/.

The full data report breaks these numbers down into confirmed and probable cases for the state and for each county, and will provide figures for confirmed and probable deaths. Demographic information will be reported for the combined total of both confirmed and probable cases.

TDH figures for tests completed will comprehensively include those who have been tested multiple times, to provide a more accurate picture of the amount of COVID-19 testing taking place in Tennessee. TDH is only reporting PCR test results.

DateTotal Cases (Confirmed & Probable)PCR PositivePCR NegativeActive CasesInactive/
Oct 257,1028,01385,5788046,24256
Oct 246,9717,86884,4937376,17856
Oct 236,8977,79783,7557196,12256
Oct 226,8027,70182,8857066,04155
Oct 216,7077,61082,0476855,97151
Oct 206,6567,56381,6367095,89849
Oct 196,6187,52881,2087435,82748
Oct 186,4847,39779,9466585,77848
Oct 176,3747,29878,9785915,73548
Oct 166,2947,20678,2055735,67447
Oct 156,2747,19578,1436195,60847
Oct 146,1947,10977,5686205,52747
Oct 136,1637,09077,3076375,47947
Oct 126,1137,03976,8676455,42246
Oct 116,0186,95675,8155825,39046
Oct 105,9696,90875,0775735,35046
Oct 95,9106,84374,1885465,32044
Oct 85,8336,77972,9525255,26642
Oct 75,7986,74472,2325425,21541
Oct 65,7356,67171,4105205,17540
Oct 55,6746,59870,7145005,13440
Oct 45,5726,51069,5104195,11340
Oct 35,5056,43768,6393755,09040
Oct 25,4786,40968,3633755,06538
Oct 15,4556,39267,9443795,03838
Sept 305,4236,35067,4043765,01136
Sept 295,3666,30266,8363574,97336
Sept 285,3416,27866,5893794,92636
Sept 275,3106,24466,1833674,90736
Sept 265,2526,18364,9563304,88636
Sept 255,1986,11464,1873084,85436
Sept 245,1656,07763,6393164,81336
Sept 235,1396,05263,3743464,75736
Sept 225,0966,00062,8163544,70636
Sept 215,0895,98962,6243794,67436
Sept 205,0775,97662,3433994,64236
Sept 195,0305,92561,3333844,61036
Sept 185,0195,91161,0633994,58436
Sept 174,9565,84060,2163894,53235
Sept 164,9405,81959,8294074,49835
Sept 154,8795,75259,2013924,45235
Sept 144,8515,73058,5294074,40935
Sept 134,7885,66357,4553814,37235
Sept 124,7555,61757,0833774,34335
Sept 114,7335,58956,8403834,31634
Sept 104,6855,53456,2153764,27534
Sept 94,6095,45355,6383654,21232
Sept 84,5855,43255,2993804,17332
Sept 74,5725,41655,1324074,13431
Sept 64,5485,38654,8494064,11230
Sept 54,5015,32654,3873844,08730
Sept 44,4555,28853,8103584,06730
Sept 34,4245,24353,4843604,03529
Sept 24,4655,29553,0101,0443,39130
Sept 14,4225,24052,4531,0583,33430
Aug 314,3695,18752,1051,0853,25628
Aug 304,3345,15551,8581,1043,20228
Aug 294,3285,14551,6621,1293,17227
Aug 284,2955,10051,2681,1293,13927
Aug 274,2605,06850,7321,1593,07427
Aug 264,2105,00350,2001,1683,01527
Aug 254,1654,95349,4831,1612,97727
Aug 244,1574,93249,1731,1932,93727
Aug 234,1404,92048,8461,2122,90127
Aug 224,0964,87548,0761,1852,88427
Aug 214,0554,81547,1311,1672,86127
Aug 204,0144,76746,7061,1922,79626
Aug 193,9794,73046,1451,2042,74926
Aug 183,9324,67745,3431,2142,69127
Aug 173,8934,62244,7261,2442,62326
Aug 163,8614,58044,3101,2542,58126
Aug 153,8124,53343,8871,2232,56326
Aug 143,7414,46043,3341,1802,53625
Aug 133,7024,40642,9201,2372,44025
Aug 123,6564,34542,4241,2332,39726
Aug 113,6074,28542,0821,2282,35425
Aug 103,5774,25541,8501,2322,32025
Aug 93,5514,22241,5021,2502,27625
Aug 83,4784,12840,9341,2012,25225
Aug 73,4484,09240,4901,2032,22025
Aug 63,4054,04639,9431,2002,18025
Aug 53,3633,98639,5301,2382,10322
Aug 43,3083,92739,0021,2502,03622
Aug 33,2693,88138,7161,2871,96022
Aug 23,2303,83838,3901,3221,88622
Aug 13,1933,79838,0241,3191,85222
July 313,1323,72437,5701,3041,80622
July 303,0563,64136,8451,3081,72622
July 293,0213,59636,3981,3381,66122
July 282,9863,56136,0041,3861,57921
July 272,9433,50435,6441,4351,48721
July 262,8963,43135,0321,5081,36721
July 252,8123,29933,7431,4741,31721
July 242,7883,28333,6241,4881,27921
July 232,7173,19232,7121,4641,23221
July 222,6483,09432,2131,4701,15919
July 212,5993,03631,7251,5021,07918
July 202,5622,98731,3941,5341,01018
July 192,5172,93031,0551,54595418
July 182,4492,84130,2651,49593618
July 172,3092,66429,4671,38091118
July 162,2172,54428,1591,334
July 152,1192,43827,4291,29580618
July 141,9902,28125,9761,21076416
July 131,9392,22425,3951,18973416
July 121,7632,02723,69769716
July 111,7081,96123,29868116
July 101,6701,91622,92766616
July 91,5911,82522,13762815
July 81,5151,74521,21161315
July 71,4201,63920,57159215
July 61,3401,55019,94158115
July 51,3131,52219,73156915
July 41,2681,46919,27856215
July 31,2261,42518,77455414
July 21,1481,33618,15453714
July 11,0901,27017,57652314
June 301,0131,18616,83250814
June 291,0011,16416,57948914
June 28*The Tennessee Department of Health will not issue data on COVID-19 cases and tests on Sunday, June 28, 2020 due to an unplanned shutdown of the state surveillance system.
June 279451,09515,88148114
June 269121,06115,60347414
June 258741,01815,15946914
June 2484098015,00546114
June 2381395214,67245414
June 2279393014,59745213
June 2178292214,18043913
June 2077590814,01743612
June 1976790113,65743412
June 1874286213,26742612
June 1773084313,03141912
June 1672383312,91441412
June 1570381112,74640912
June 1468679112,40140612
June 1367577511,96840412
June 1267076911,92340012
June 1166211,44739511
June 1065411,25638911
June 964811,05538511
June 863010,79438011
June 762110,56337711
June 660610,46937611
June 559510,36137411
June 458910,21337011
June 357710,03336711
June 25679,92236111
June 15589,70835710
May 315559,57135310
May 305529,38735310
May 295429,36735110
May 285339,21535010
May 275329,11834710
May 265278,98334610
May 255228,86034510
May 245128,58834510
May 235038,41834410
May 225008,35734310
May 214918,25534110
May 204888,10734010
May 194928,00533510
May 184807,83833110
May 174717,51533010
May 164717,44732710
May 154627,25132410
May 144567,13931310
May 134537,01231310
May 124476,84430810
May 114456,56330710
May 104436,37230510
May 94416,18130410
May 84416,11229810
May 74345,90829610
May 64365,77629510
May 54395,6452899
May 44315,5222879
May 34275,3002819
May 24195,0122829
May 14164,9192809
April 304114,8182789
April 294084,6802739
April 283994,4192698
April 273994,2382657
April 263974,1312607
April 253814,0172587
April 243773,7912557
April 233693,0642497
April 223653,3522446
April 213593,2332396
April 203572,9242276

Below is a look at COVID-19 Cases and Tests reported per day in Williamson County. More information here.

covid-19 cases reported per day williamson county oct 25covid-19 tests reported per day williamson county oct 25
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  1. Hello Andrea,

    I was wondering how the number of active cases are confirmed? It appears to be just a mathematical computation: Total Cases – Recovered – Deceased = Active.

    Is there a role/list of individuals this computation is matched against and reconciled?

    If this is not performed, in the accounting world it is called a “plug” figure. We shouldn’t be measuring progress against and unsubstantiated (plug) figure.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    • Thank you, John. Via the TN Dept of Health website, “The number of active cases is based on the number of total cases minus the number of deaths and the number of recovered cases. TDH defines “recovered” as people who (1) have been confirmed to be asymptomatic by their local or regional health department and have completed their required isolation period or (2) are at least 21 days beyond the first test confirming their illness.”

  2. Interesting how the numbers magically decline the day the decision to return to school is made… shouldn’t it be decided on consecutive days below the number rather than a single day? Either Friday’s fewer people go in, or the numbers are just not valuable.

  3. With 4,875 “Positives”, 1,185 “Active”, 2,884 “Recovered” and 27 “deceased”, what is the remaining 779? What is the other category?

    • Hi Rob:

      The number in the “Total Cases” column shows the number of individual people who are either confirmed or probable COVID-19 cases. Individuals are only counted once in this number, no matter how many positive tests they might have had. The number of positive tests (the “PCR Positive” Column) is the total number of PCR-positive laboratory results that have been reported to Tennessee Department of Health.

    • Rob, it can certainly be confusing, but the number you’re looking at for August 22 (4875) is not how many individual cases of Covid-19 there are, but how many of the PCR cases have returned positive….keep in mind that some people get tested more than once over the course of their illness, and sometimes both (or more) of those tests are positive. On August 22, there had been a total of 4,096 total cases of Covid-19, AND of the 48,076 PCR tests that had been administered, on 4,875 cases were positive. So, the number of people who’ve had Covid-19 is different than the number of positive tests that have been administered.

  4. Hi, Andrea. Thank you for these daily updates – they are very much appreciated! Quick question. As you likely know, the Williamson County School Board is using the active cases to categorize community spread for purposes of when to reopen and close schools. When the Reopening Framework was distributed, parents like me were under the impression that schools would not fully reopen unless community spread was reasonably in the low category. However, in the past 43 days, the County has had only 3 sporadic days (8/14, 8/21, and 8/22) of just barely low community spread but the Board has decided to move ahead with fully reopening schools anyway. When we had to make a decision about whether our son should attend remote/in-person or online, we selected remote/in-person because we assumed the Board would only reopen schools when community spread was low on a somewhat consistent basis (maybe a week or two of low spread) so that the reopening could be sustained. So … my question. There has been no press reporting on the Board’s unexpected decision-making process that is inconsistent with the Reopening Framework – shouldn’t that be a story? Thank you again! Jeff

  5. As of 8/31/20, based on the TN Dept of Health data and their guidelines on a 21 day period that a case remains active, there is a backlog of 293 cases in Williamson County showing as active that should now be listed as recoveries. So instead of 1,085 active cases, Williamson County should now be at 792 active cases. I know at least one of the WCS Board Members has also mentioned this problem with the reported numbers at the last couple of board meetings and even indicated that he had spoken with the TN Dept of Health, who admitted there was an error causing the backlog and they were going to issue a correction. He indicated there were cases going all the way back to March that were still being listed on the active case list. To this point, no data correction has been issued. This is not just an issue with the Williamson County numbers. It’s an issue across many counties in TN. It’s a shame that the school board made the decision to start school remotely for the first 2 weeks based on flawed data. We were well below the .50% of active cases in the county requirement to begin the school year on campus. I am just happy at this point that WCS students are back on campus and hope it remains that way, but I feel that it’s important to point out that the active case numbers are being overstated. Andrea, I’ve been keeping an Excel doc of the backlog taking into account the daily updated numbers from the TDOH and would be happy to share that info with you if interested.


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