Williamson County Cities Ranked as “Top Cities for Fit Lifestyles”

Barbend, a website covering the world of strength sports and fitness, training tips, nutrition info and more. They recently released their 2020 list of Tennessee Cities for Fit Lifestyles. Barbend ranked 108 cities on its list.

Here’s how Williamson County cities/towns ranked, as well, as other nearby cities:

Brentwood – #7
Nolensville – #14
Thompson’s Station – #21
Franklin – #24
Spring Hill – #28
Columbia – #53
Nashville – #92
LaVergne – #106
Smyrna – #107
Murfreesboro – #108

Who’s #1? Barbend ranked Collierville as the #1 fit city in Tennessee.

Barbend collected data from the CDC, US Census Bureau, and County Health Rankings to determine its list of cities. Each city was given a Fit Score, which was determined by eleven data sets which included exercise opportunity access, physical inactivity, limited access to healthy foods, obesity in adults, air pollution cities, smoking in adults, frequent physical distress, poor physical health days, drinking water violations, excessive drinking, and frequent mental distress.

In their finding, they listed some notable items about the State of Tennessee.

  • The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited national park in the country.
  • Tennessee’s top industries include farming, mining, and music.
  • The Lost Sea, the United State’s largest underground lake, is located in Sweetwater, Tennessee.
  • With regard to fitness, the study showed that only 27 percent of adults in Tennessee reported no physical activity while only 33 percent of residents have a BMI of more than 30.

See the entire report here.