Why You Should Sign Your Child up for a Youth Sports League

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From baseball and soccer to flag football and basketball, i9 Sports offers a variety of spring youth sports for kids in the Franklin and Spring Hill areas. Keep kids happy, healthy, and active during Spring 2020 by signing up for a youth sports league by February 28. (Register here!)

If you want to know more about why participation in a youth sports league is so important, read on. And if you’re specifically interested in Middle Tennessee youth sports leagues, don’t forget – sign up by February 28!

1. Being Part of a Team Benefits Child Development

Children benefit immensely from being involved in team sports. When they get to bond with other kids their age over the same activity, lifelong friendships can be formed. Being part of a team can also teach children the importance of sharing, encouraging others, helping others, and working together to accomplish a common goal. Youth sports leagues are great at teaching kids valuable lessons, both on and off the field.

Numerous studies have found that participation in youth sports leagues helps children succeed later in life. If you want your child to excel in their favorite sport, get them enrolled in a league that puts them on a team this spring.

2. Team Sports Teach Children the Importance of Friendly Competition

It’s important to teach children about friendly competition, especially since competition is something they’ll experience throughout life. Being involved in youth sports shows kids that real winning comes from good sportsmanship and team-building. Our organization prioritizes good sportsmanship and upholding ethical standards in our Tennessee youth sports leagues.

3. Kids Stay Active When They Participate in Sports

A healthy child is a happy child, and nothing gets kids more active in the springtime than team youth sports like basketball, baseball, flag football, and soccer! If you want your child soaking up a lot of fresh sunshine this spring, join us at i9 Sports in Franklin or Spring Hill.

Join Us at i9 Sports: Register by February 28, 2020

Some youth sports leagues leave a lot to be desired. We know not every family has had a great experience before coming to i9 Sports. That’s why our entire team at i9 Sports works tirelessly to ensure all children enrolled in our youth sports leagues have memorable, enjoyable experiences. Coaches are fully certified, and we offer discounts for early registration. If you’re looking for Franklin or Spring Hill youth sports, look no further than i9 Sports, offering flag football, soccer, baseball, and basketball. Sign up by February 28.