What is Brow Tinting?

Many of us want our eyebrows to be perfectly curved and noticeable, but sometimes our natural brow color doesn’t make our best features stand out the way that they should. Waxing companies, like Franklin’s Waxing the City, offers brow tinting. As the name implies, the concept behind brow tinting is to dye your eyebrows. Brow tinting can make a big difference for your look in three major ways.

1. Darker Brows

Those with pale eyebrows stand to gain the most from brow tinting as it darkens your brows for a more clearly defined eyebrow that will stand out. A darker brow will also highlight your eyes. It will provide more contrast for those with light eye color and a color boost for those with darker eye color. Take for instance the before and after picture to the right of brow tinting at Waxing the City. Most stylists will suggest picking a color that is one to two shades darker than your hair color, but dark brown is one of the most popular tints chosen.

2.Thicker Brows

Once upon a time, a decade or more ago, thin eyebrows were all the rage, but more natural looking eyebrows with thicker volume is now more popular. Tinting boosts the volume of your eyebrows for a more natural look. The concept is like a long lasting mascara; by adding color which coats the hair, each hair will actually be bigger than it was originally. Many people find that they not only gain definition to the arch of their brow, but they also gain length for a fuller brow in general.

3. Complements A New Hair Color

Brow tinting can also complement a new hair color. As many people tend to go darker in their hair color, brow tinting can make it so that your brows will complement the new hair color so that it seems more natural. While many go darker, there’s also many that go lighter on their hair color like the recent trends of pastel and ghosting. You can also tint your brows for a lighter color as well for a more natural look like going from black to dark brown.

One Final Note

Like with anything that involves dying, maintenance is required. While brows don’t grow like hair on your head does, it does eventually fade. Many see the tint starting to fade after two weeks and totally gone after week four.

Let the professionals at Waxing the City in Franklin at 3046 Columbia Ave help you achieve perfect brows. Make an appointment today for brow tinting at their Franklin location by calling 615-721-2000 or for more information check out WaxingtheCity.com.