Westhaven Town Center Adds New Restaurant

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Southern Land Company has announced a new restaurant concept that will open in March of 2019 in Westhaven Town Center. The concept, which is called Front Street Tavern, is the creation of Westhaven residents Ty and Suzannah Hauter who also own and operate Good Time Design Hospitality Group, a leader in Southern California entertainment and hospitality with venues and brands that include Moonshine Flats, Moonshine Beach, and Cerveza Jack’s.

“Ty and Susannah are top tier operators and we are very excited that they have chosen Westhaven Town Center as their first restaurant and venue location in Franklin,” said Mary Lee Bennett, Marketing Manager for Westhaven. “Not only are we pleased about their concept, but we are also very happy that they are local to the Williamson County community and have a very good understanding of what will play well with their future patrons.”

Front Street Tavern’s menu will offer a wide variety of choices including snacks and appetizers, bowls, salads and sandwiches, and a dinner menu starting at 5pm daily. In addition, Front Street will be rolling out a reservation-based Supper Club program Fridays through Sundays from 5-10 pm. The fare itself is diverse in terms of origin and boasts a healthy selection of seafood, proteins, fruits and vegetables.

In addition to the tavern’s dining options, The Hauter’s plan to consistently activate the space with family friendly entertainment. Front Street Tavern will incorporate local cultural elements that make Westhaven and Franklin distinct. In particular, Hauter plans for the restaurant to be a draw for artists and songwriters from throughout the region; not only to perform, but also to add to the overall aesthetic and cultural fabric of the venue. Hauter anticipates live performances occurring Thursdays through Sundays with the vibe leaning toward acoustic sets mixed with storytelling and relaxed interactions.

About Town Center
Home to 36 local businesses, services and shops, Westhaven Town Center adheres to Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) principles that defined the American lifestyle prior to World War II. Elements such as simple, connected access between residential and commercial districts; increased density combined with open spaces and pedestrian connectivity; a variety of architectural styles and product types; Non-repetitive elevation design and well-orchestrated streetscapes; and sustainable development practices and smart transportation, all work together to make Westhaven Town Center a vibrant and essential component of the larger community. These guiding principles and more can be found at www.westhaventn.com/lifesimplified.