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Open Minds, an organization that researches extra-terrestial life, reports that a UFO may have been spotted in the Nolensville area about 7:30pm on January 19th. The incident has been reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which is investigating.

Open Minds reports:

The witness was driving home (turning off Holt Road onto Nolensville Road) and noticed what at first was thought to be a helicopter with search lights over a quarry.

“The low stationary lights over the quarry is what I noticed,” the witness stated,“and then the triangular light pattern on the bottom as I passed by it.” The witness also wondered if the object might be a plane.

“The lights initially made me believe it might be a plane as there are flight paths here. But this was very low for a plane, and when I saw it wasn’t moving, I pulled off the road to see what it was.”
The witness noticed that the object was in a hovering position.

“The object was initially stationary over a small rock quarry. It then started to move in a northeast direction, not very quickly. It was moving at a very slow pace for an aircraft. The craft was just above the tree line and electrical lines.”

Read the entire report from Open Minds here.

Open Minds reminds readers that most UFO sightings can be explained as something natural or man-made.

About Open Minds

Open Minds Production, LLC. is a research-based organization with a mission to investigate and report evidence of extra-terrestrial, UFO, and other phenomena to a global audience. To do this, Open Minds utilizes a website, a magazine (now defunct), a radio show, web series, the UFO Congress, and more.

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