uhaul appeals hearing spring hill

U-Haul representatives appealed to the City of Spring Hill on Monday night in hopes they would approve sketch plans for a new facility that had been previously denied.

However, the request to repeal the denial for the facility on the southeast corner of Miles Johnson Parkway and Main Street in Spring Hill was once again denied by a 9-0 vote on Feb 4 by the Spring Hill Board of Mayor and Alderman (BOMA).

The sketch plan was originally denied due to inadequate details in the plan that were laid out by the board.

The U-Haul representatives stress that their plan was on schedule and they have been in front of the board many times to correct their proposal and answer any questions for the board to move their sketch plans into the next steps of production

U-Haul’s marketing company president, Jeffrey Porter, further questioned the board on the next steps to get the sketch plan back in place to move forward. The board explained that the sketch plan is still not up to standard, therefore re-approved the denial of the request.

An additional representative from U-Haul spoke on behalf of Porter to explain to the board that all of the insufficient items in the plan had been taken care of and that the proposal for the property is sufficient to be passed by the board.

Porter was allowed to step up for a final statement, an unusual event, and explained that U-Haul has continuously corrected all items presented by the board, however, BOMA still denied the request at this time.

This will most likely be presented to the board again in the future with changes to the sketch plans.