photo by Donna Vissman

If you are driving down Carothers Parkway during the evening and notice the neon lights of Sonic are dark, don’t worry, it’s only temporary.

Located at 1718 Carothers Parkway, Sonic is currently under renovations and closed for business at this time.

The City of Brentwood approved the renovations presented by JTMJ Architecture in November 2019.

New improvements to the restaurant include:

  • Enclosing a 160 square foot portion located at the front of the existing building.
  • The existing building includes an area of 1,437 square feet. The improvements will increase the area to 1,597 square feet.
  • Sonic
    photo by Donna Vissman
    • The proposal will add new windows, doors, and building materials on the front portion of the building that match existing.
    • Updated landscaping in the front of the building is also being proposed.

    We have reached out for a comment regarding how long the project will take and the expected reopen date but haven’t received a response yet.

    There is one other location for Sonic in Brentwood at 208 B Wilson Pike.