Scene Around Town: Three Blind Vines Reveal Party

Three Blind Vines


Next Generation Heritage Foundation held  its annual Three Blind Vines Reveal Party on Tuesday evening at The Franklin Theatre.
In the past, themes for the Three Blind Vines event have included 1920s speakeasy, early 1960s Manhattan, old Hollywood and Jailhouse Rock.  This year, Next Gen members voted on the theme from a selection of three choices: wedding crashers, 50 sock hop, and vegas and rat pack theme.  With the voting come in very close between wedding crashers and vegas rat pack. The winner of the  Three Blind Vines theme is -Vegas Rat Pack!
In keeping with the theme for this year’s event,there will be casino games available during the event. Attendees will be able to try their hand at  Black Jack,Craps,Poker and more  in addition to the silent auction. Enlisting O’More College of Design students they were given the task to design the logo for this year’s event to coincide with the Rat Pack Vegas theme.
Wine selected for tasting this year -Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc.
Each year, Next Gen chooses a project to support for restoration in Williamson County. Proceeds from the Three Blind Vines event will go toward funding of the Heritage Foundation Old,Old Jail restoration,specifically the  glass conference room. Next Gen has pledged $100,000 to pay for the glass-enclosed room and proceeds from Three Blind Vines will go towards this pledge.
Traditionally held on a Friday night, Three Blind Vines will be held on Saturday, February 20 from 6pm-10pm at The Factory in Franklin. Ticket prices start at $40 with a VIP ticket at $100.