Kind Waste Management Workers Inspire Grateful 4-Year-Old

Four year old Colton Cockerham loves watching the Waste Management truck come pick up the trash in front of his Spring Hill home every Wednesday.

“You can hear when they turn down the street, as soon as you hear the truck he runs out and stands at the side of the road gets excited jumps up and down and waves,” his dad, Wesley Cockerham, said.

“Last week they stopped the truck completely and all three guys got out, and they put the vest on Colton, let him work the levers and compact the trash and he got really excited.”

After talking about it with his wife, Lisa, they decided to say thank you — or let Colton say thank you.

“We were talking about it, and thought he might want to do something special to say thanks, draw pictures bake some cookies, and we added on a small gift card. Just a little something to say thank you for letting him do this.”

They took a video of it and put it on Facebook to show their family and friends. Since then it took off, with a huge response on social media from people responding to the sweet gesture by Colton.