Indoor Boredom Busters for Kids

Snow days are always so much fun…playing outside in the snow, building snowmen and, of course, having the classic snowball fight. All this fun will only last so long before it grows to be too cold to spend time outside. Feeling stuck inside can quickly turn into cabin fever. When that time comes, try out these boredom-busting activities everyone will enjoy!

1. Homemade Playdough

homemade playdough

This has been a household favorite at the Perry house for years. My kids love to whip this easy recipe up and have creative fun with the playdough they crafted for days. Make it extra special by taking cookie cutters to create special designs and pictures you lay out on wax paper. Recipe: Homemade Playdough

2. Craft a Giant Tic-Tac-Toe Game Board

child doing art

Grab some construction paper, scissors and tape to create an easy game the kids will love. Cut long strips of paper and tape them together to create the game board itself. Outline X’s and O’s in sheets of paper for your children to cut out. Lay it out on the floor to play life-sized Tic-Tac-Toe. Make it more interested by laying out some cookies on a plate as the winner’s prize.

3. Rainbow Rice

rainbow rice

Rainbow rice is fun and creative for kids. The vibrant colors resemble sprinkles and there are so many things to do with it. Let’s start with the rice, you can find this recipe here. Once the rice is made you can place it in bins for kids to explore and create. Throw in some measuring cups, funnels, spoons and other kitchen items to allow your child’s creativity to flow. Grab some Mason jars to layer the different colors like you would a sand art project. Create a mosaic of beautiful colors to gift to others or display at home. Don’t have rice? You can substitute any type of pasta!

4. Got Tape?

painters tape

Painter’s tape provides a great way to have some indoor fun. Here are just a few ideas:

Create a giant maze – Layout a maze on the floor. Line your child up at the beginning of it and a small prize at the end. Once they complete the maze, pull it off the floor and create a new one!

Create a racetrack – Design a roadway for your Hot Wheels and let your little ones cruise along them.

Sticky Spider Web – Stretch the tape across your doorways in a spider web formation. Crumble up paper into paper wads and throw them into the spider web.

Hopscotch – Layout this classic skipping game on the floor with some painter’s tape. Number each square and hope until your heart’s content.

5. Cardboard Boxes

child playing

A childhood favorite for years! If you have some unused boxes of any size, they can create hours and hours of fun and imagination! Bring out the markers, glitter and construction paper to build a princess castle. Use the construction paper to design princesses, horses and whatever else your little heart desires for a whimsical playtime scenario. Or bring out the construction paper, stickers and markers to design a racetrack or car garage. Design cars on the construction paper with fun racecar designs to bring your child’s racetrack dreams to life!

6. Build a Fort

kids building a fort

Bring in the extra blankets to throw over the couch and some chairs. Use household craft items to create pirate supplies that turn the fort into a pirate’s boat. How about crafting some spy tools and ties to create a fort that is a secret spy headquarters. If all else fails, bring in the snacks and chill under the fort with a favorite movie streaming.

7. Musical Statues

girls playing

Just like musical chairs but better! Have a dance party with loud music and dance your tushy off but when the music stops you have to freeze in that position. If somebody moves before the music starts again then they’re out! The last statue standing is the winner of the game.

8. Classic Games

family night

We all love the classics! How about some Charades, Simon Says or some good ole’ Hide-N-Seek?

9. Have Some Spare Balloons?


Penguin Waddle – Have children place a blown up balloon between their knees and waddle around like a penguin. Once they get the waddling down, create an obstacle course for them in the living room. No cheating! The balloon has to stay between their knees for the entire course.

Balloon Blow – On your mark, get set, GO! Lay down a start and finish line on the floor. Place a blown balloon at the start line and on mom’s command blow it across the floor until you cross the finish line! Hands behind your back as your air can be the only way to move the balloon down the track.

Indoor Pit – If you have an inflatable or plastic pool from summer you can fill it with a bunch of balloons to create an indoor balloon pit.

Balloon Hockey – Grab some sticks or paper towel rolls as you chase balloons around the living room. Lay down some tape on the floor to create the hockey nets where you can score some goals! The first person to score 5 times wins!


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