Honest Coffee Roasters Expands With Major Renovation

Honest Coffee Roasters, located inside The Factory in Franklin, is undergoing some big renovations that will almost double the size of the coffee shop.

The shop decided to expand when their next-door neighbor, Stonebridge Gallery, downsized.

Once the renovations are complete, the new space will allow for an additional 50 more seats and it will also include a lounging area with a leather sofa and armchairs.

In addition to seating, the coffee shop will offer a unique experience which involves the store’s in-house roaster, a German Probat P12 roaster made by the oldest operating coffee roaster manufacturing company in the world. The space surrounding the roaster will double, and guests will be able to observe the roasting process from a raised bar countertop and seating area.

Founder Brett Henry said that these renovations will allow Honest to better serve customers by providing a spacious and inviting environment.

“We believe coffee is all about bringing people together through community and conversation,” Henry said. “Honest now has a greater gathering space for people to talk, host group meetings, participate in our coffee educational programs and more.”

The renovations are expected to be completed by early April 2018.

Honest Coffee Roasters opened in The Factory back in 2015 in its current location. Named after the 16th President Abraham Lincoln, Honest is committed to providing ethically sourced, high-quality coffee to in-store customers and wholesale clients. Honest staff travels to the coffee fields that source their product to build personal relationships with the farmers who make their business possible. They pay premium wages in exchange for an excellent product. Learn more at honest.coffee.

See photos of the renovation in progress below.