Get Behind the Scenes Access to the Franklin Rodeo

Franklin Rodeo

For the people who want to get up close and personal to the Franklin Rodeo, there’s a way to do it.

The newly formed Franklin Rodeo Club gives members “behind the scenes access,” the chance to learn more about the sport, and receive some perks as well.

For a $25 membership, Franklin Rodeo Fan Club members get a behind the chutes tours, given by the Emmy Award winning News Channel 5 anchor Adam Hammond, seating in the fan club area, near the bucking chutes, discounts on Franklin Rodeo merchandise, and much more.

The Rodeo Club membership is new this year says Meghan Guffee, chairman of the fan club committee, and it’s a way to reward fans who love the Franklin Rodeo. “We wanted people who already love the rodeo to feel more involved, to get more information and history, and to just feel like they’re a part of it.”

Meghan’s father is a long-time member of the Franklin Noon Rotary Club, the group that produces the rodeo, so she grew up volunteering at the rodeo. Her husband’s grandfather and great-uncle helped start the rodeo in 1950, “so it’s definitely in the family.” She estimates she’s missed the rodeo once or twice while away at school, “not many times,” she said. “When I missed it, I was really bummed about it.” Now her children are attending the rodeo.

As Franklin and Williamson County have grown, there are new people in town for whom attending the rodeo is not a tradition. Being a rodeo fan club member can change that, Guffee said. “There’s a group of people who have lived here their whole life, but there are so many people who don’t know about the Franklin Rodeo tradition and who are new here. They may want their kids to grow up going every year, and make it their new hometown tradition.”

Other perks for Rodeo Fan Club members include a special entrance to avoid ticket lines; gift bags; a special Franklin Rodeo Spotify play list, and the invitation to ride on the Franklin Noon Rotary Club rodeo parade float on Sat., May 11 during the rodeo parade through downtown Franklin.

The $25 fan club membership does not include the purchase of a rodeo ticket, Guffee said, but it does allow the fan club member to buy as many seats in the fan club seating area as needed.

The behind the chutes tour for fan club members allows the paid member and any minor children to join; the tours begin at 6 pm each night of rodeo, May 16-18.

This year’s Franklin Rodeo is May 16-18. Performances start at 7 pm each night at the Williamson County Ag Expo Park. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for kids ages twelve and under and are available online at and at the gate. For more information, visit the website or call 615-RODEO-11.