Franklin Soul Closes Within a Year of Opening

Franklin Soul

After less than a year in business, Southern-style restaurant Franklin Soul has closed its restaurant at 9040 Carothers Pkwy.

Franklin Soul specialized in Southern favorites like bbq, brisket, ribs and more.

The restaurant opened in September 2018. Prior to Franklin Soul, Mexican restaurant Las Brisas and Asian fusion restaurant Basil operated in that space.

Franklin Soul officially closed at the beginning of June. White paper has been placed on all the windows.

When asked about the closing, Franklin Soul stated, “Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, the bear eats you.”

Franklin Soul Chef/Owner Reuben Silva previously owned Rueben’s Smokehouse in Florida, named by Trip Advisor as the #4 barbecue restaurant in the country!


  1. The food was outstanding! It was all about lack of brand awareness and the restaurant not being more visible to the street. We only knew about it because I was driving from the street that looks straight into the restaurant. Their sign was on the wrong side of the brick. So sad to see them leave. Maybe a better location and some marketing help next time!

  2. Maybe they would have done better if they were on the east side as there aren’t many restaurants on this side of town.

  3. So sorry to hear this. It seems to have great feedback, but I didn’t even know it existed! I drive gown there all the time.

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