The total turnout for the first day of early voting in Williamson County on Wednesday was higher than it was in the last two presidential election cycles.

Early totals from the Williamson County Election Commission showed 5,836 people voted on Wednesday of the 150,886 people registered.

The total cumulative number of votes so far is 6,742, which includes all Nursing Home/Assisted Living/By Mail Absentees. That represents about 3.9 percent of the total number of voters living in Williamson County.

At this point in 2008 — the last non-incumbent presidential election cycle — 4,990 people total had voted. The total who voted on the first day of early voting was 4,302. Turnout was 3.5 percent of the 121,263 registered voters in 2008.

Like 2016, two non-incumbents were pitted against each other in the presidential race in 2008. That makes the two elections comparable, according to Administrator of Elections Chad Gray.

In 2o12, 4,343 people total voted early on the first day out of 134,813 people, including mail-ins and all others. That is about 3.4 percent turnout.