by Amanda Gates. Interior Designer

I love decorating bedrooms but they are often the most neglected rooms in the house. Typically, clients will invest the majority of their decorating dollars into their “public” spaces, leaving their bedroom naked and boring – since most don’t see it. However, that is a big mistake. You spend a third of your life in your bedroom. It is the space you wake up in and it’s the last space you see before retiring to sleep. A space that uplifts you, inspires you and brings peace, is one that will create true rest. A room filled with clutter, poor paint choices, and mismatched furniture without intention, will feel disorganized, and frumpy…so how would you like to start and end your day? Frumpy or invigorated?

To design a modern, sophisticated bedroom, many interior designers have basic tricks up their sleeve to create beautiful spaces. If unfamiliar with these tricks it can be hard to find inspiration, or even know where to start. But fear not, I am here to let you in on nine secrets to help you design the perfect feng shui bedroom to boost your energy and get you moving in the right direction for health, wealth and lots of love.

Feng Shui Bedroom Basics

1) Bedding essentials

Assuming that you already have a bed, a stylish and sleek bedroom is never without great linens. Purchase the best you can afford and always keep them simple. A textured coverlet, white sheets, and a fluffy duvet are the essentials. I see many clients with mismatched sets or worse twenty year old sheets still in rotation. Your worth every bit of those luxury linens, so give yourself a better nights sleep and an upgrade!

2) Pillows

Always have bed pillows in crisp white pillow cases combined with fun, patterned accent pillows. This adds color, texture and style to your space without being fussy. It needn’t be complicated, one to two accents will do the trick and the funkier the better! And if your pillows are old, throw them out! I won’t go into details but old pillows harbor old energy and dust mites – both of which will interrupt your sleep. We release stress and other energies when we lay our heads down at night – so if your pillow saw you through the death of your mom, or your divorce, get it out of your house!

3) Lamps

Choose lamps that are tall and sleek. Never choose a lamp below 28″ unless you hate to actually see in your bedroom. Lamps in fun pops of color, large drum shades and dimmers are an excellent choice for a bedroom. Lamps are also a great way to mix finishes. If your nightstand has brushed nickel knobs don’t shy away from a brass lamp, mix it up and have fun with it for a more eclectic look. Lamps are often near corners in our bedroom shining light up – this stirs up the chi energy and creates a lovely atmosphere of relaxation and peace.

4) Clocks

When designing a bedroom I always look for funky, vintage or vintage inspired clocks to decorate a nightstand. It adds personality and whimsy to your bedroom. But choose one that speaks to you. Clocks are another way to move energy in a space and while most of us hate the sound of an alarm, clocks create routine and movement.

5) Nightstands

Many clients think their whole bedroom set needs to come as a suite. Never make this mistake. Whether your style is easy traditional, or uber modern, always mix it up. Find nightstands that compliment your decor but also add style. Make sure they are similar if not exactly the same size, and never, ever, have only one nightstand, especially if you are single.

Another important key to nightstands is storage. Many of us have cluttered up nightstands which will kill any stylish design, and weigh you down mentally. Instead find night stands that compliment your lifestyle. For example, a nightstand with drawers and shelves is a great way to store books, magazines, and more.

6) Art

Never leave out the art! I always recommend custom whenever you can, but no matter what, art is what makes a space. Art adds texture, depth and mood to a space. Remember to always hang art at eye level and here you have a free pass when it comes to style….so buy what you love!

On a side note, choose your art wisely. I once had a client who had an original piece of art in her bedroom that was a headless mannequin made of cut up sewing patterns. She couldn’t figure out why she could not attract love and why the men she dated kept ripping her heart to shreds…

7) Storage

As I mentioned with the nightstands above, storage is essential in a bedroom. Unfortunately, many people have turned their bedroom into a dumping ground since it is the last place they land at night. But it doesn’t have to ruin your style, or keep you unorganized. Look for clever ways to store your books, paper, magazines, clippers, lotions etc in decorative boxes, baskets, stylish bookshelves, or ottomans. Whatever works best for your lifestyle, use it!

8) Chair

Having a comfy spot to read a good book, thumb through a magazine or even tie your shoes is always a great improvement in a bedroom. This promotes relaxation, comfort and mindfulness. This can also be a great place to grab a quick 5 to 10 minutes to yourself to collect your thoughts, organize goals and get clear on your intentions. According to author Ester Hicks, from The Law of Attraction, it only takes 17 seconds of thought for the law of attraction to get into motion. It only takes 68 seconds to make that same thought start manifesting. So make it your manifestation chair!

9) Electronics

As useful and helpful as our modern day electronics are, they are disastrous to our health. They interrupt sleep, cause headaches, and in extreme cases, cause cancer. One of my feng shui instructors shared a story of how both a husband and wife came down with brain cancer after moving into their condo. Turns out, the entire electrical grid for their condo complex was on the same wall as there bed.

We are electrical beings, and surrounded by energy. To think that electronics don’t interrupt or affect us is asinine. Remove that power strip you have under your bed or worse on your nightstand! Place all phones, computers, iPods, and iPads in the other room or keep them in the kitchen. And if you must keep your phone in your bedroom, place it on the opposite wall of your bed, and place an amethyst crystal on your nightstand.

Written by Interior Designer and Feng Shui expert
Amanda Gates