10 Country Music Artists Share Their Thanksgiving Traditions

These rising country music artists shared with us their Thanksgiving traditions. From favorite foods to what makes them give thanks, it’s all here. Keep reading to see which artist likes their mom’s homemade noodles on top of mashed potatoes or the one who likes crab cakes instead of turkey on Thanksgiving.

Abbey Rowe

“I am totally the person that the minute we’re done eating Thanksgiving dinner I am singing Christmas carols and eating gingerbread! So, something I do every year on Thanksgiving night is put on my Santa PJ’s and watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, it’s quite the party!”

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“Growing up, Thanksgiving was always the same. Now with our families being so spread out, and us being traveling musicians, the one tradition we like to keep alive is simply making time to be together, no matter what city we all have to travel to. Mamaw Brooks’ yeast rolls always make the meal, and so does Mawmaw Lingle’s (Kassie’s Grandma) dressing!”

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“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is everyone sitting at the table and telling what they were thankful for that year while we’re all eating. It’s such a great way to keep yourself humble and grounded!”

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“Thanksgiving for me is all about family. We play board games, eat too much and just enjoy each other. Every year we go see a movie after Thanksgiving dinner and then go pick out a Christmas tree. It’s one of my favorite times of the year!”

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“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is going to Lexington Market with my Dad – an indoor market in Baltimore just down the block from his office, to get crab cakes. Faidley’s has the best crab cakes hands down in all of Baltimore. So sometimes if we’re doing a small dinner or diverging from the Turkey tradition, we’ll pick up crab cakes and have a small group at the house 🙂 By far my favorite meal of the year! Or we will get jumbo lump crab meat for crab dip as an appetizer :)”

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“Every Thanksgiving our family gets together and honestly cooks the best spread of food I have ever seen. From turkey to mashed potatoes and everything in between. I make sure to wear the pants that stretch the most every year. My mother prepares a family recipe for homemade noodles soaked in chicken broth. The thought of noodles drenched over mashed potatoes, corn and massive pieces of turkey always carries me through until the next Thanksgiving! Dang…. I almost forgot about the pumpkin pie!!”

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“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is making the apple pie! I’m not a big cook so my family always puts me in charge of this one thing. One year I came really close to adding cumin to the apples instead of cinnamon! Luckily my sister caught it before I did.”

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“For the past few years, my parents have hosted our entire extended family and we all drink beer and watch football together by the fire. It’s so cozy and makes me feel grateful- what Thanksgiving is all about!” – Rachel

“Every year we go to my aunt’s house, and my cousins and I play an epic game of football. Gotta get that appetite revved up for the big feast!” -Bryan

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“I love helping cook for Thanksgiving. I always make the Pioneer Woman’s stuffing and then help my mom make the pies. We typically have a couple of different pies like apple and pumpkin. My mom also cuts the family crest into the pie crusts!”

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“My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the night before bakathon with my mom. She will be working on her Broccoli Sunshine salad while I’m baking all the pies. It’s the best time together!”

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