Brentwood Boutique Raine Announces Closure


Raine, a locally owned boutique in Brentwood, announced it will close its brick and mortar store. The boutique, located at 330 Franklin Road in the Brentwood Place Shopping Center, shared the news on Facebook.

“As the saying goes, ‘all good things must come to an end’ after 9 incredible years in business, RAINE is closing our brick and mortar store,” they shared.

Why the store was closing, they shared, was due to three reasons.

“This decision is very bittersweet! The shop has brought us so much joy, however, everything is lining up for this to be the right time: our lease agreement, a new tenant for our space, and the support of our families.”

Currently, the entire store is 30 percent off. All items in the store will be sold, including fixtures, sofas, blue velvet curtains, and more.

They ended their message by saying there are plans for an online store, but no details have been revealed. No exact closure date was given, but Raine shared during their nine years in business they gave donated 60,000 to local charities.

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Hours for the store are Monday – Friday 10 a – 6 p, and Saturday 10 a – 5 p.