In a joint statement late Thursday night, both of A-Game Sportxplex’s former tenants said they would like the legal record changed to reflect no purchase of the facility ever took place.

In February, the popular A-Game sports facility abruptly closed due to financial issues leaving teams and athletes across Williamson County without a place to practice or play games. Originally, the settlement and purchasing agreement deadline for the sportsplex was set for May 12. Prior to the mediation, both the Williamson County Select Volleyball Club (Alliance) and MDG Management had been in and out of court with Sports Land Group, LLC, owner of the facility, in an attempt to keep the complex open.

“Because the parties have not otherwise resolved their dispute, MDG and Alliance will request that the Court correct the record to accurately reflect that a settlement has not been reached and allow the lawsuit to proceed to confirm their possessory rights or damages claims,” the groups said in a press release.

As to what happens next for the tenants remains unclear.

The settlement arranged for each to receive $1 million to relocate, according to an SLG statement from March. Al Neyer backed out of its purchasing deal at the end of April and both of the tenants have fought for months to keep the doors of the facility open.

As part of a tentative mediation agreement from this spring, owners would have had to pay both Alliance and MDG by May 15 for buying out the remaining 17 months of their lease agreements. If A-Game had not paid them by May 15, the clubs could come back to the sportsplex and operate again. Alliance has already been denied access back to its courts.

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