A-Game and Volleyball Tenant Dissolve Litigation, Extend Lease

After more than a year of turmoil, Alliance Volleyball Club and A-Game Sportsplex owners announced late Tuesday an agreement that will end a lengthy legal battle and secures a place for the club to play through the year.

“The parties will submit an order dismissing the litigation between them in the near future,” Alliance’s legal firm Butler Snow, LLC said in a statement. “Under its agreement with Sports Land Group, Alliance Volleyball Club is permitted to use A-Game as its home base for the full 2017 season and for the foreseeable future.”

The short statement also said that a potential buyer still has the property under contract and has expressed a desire to keep the facility operating as an athletic facility.

“This has come full circle and we are excited because this feels like a mutually beneficial solution for all parties involved, Jeff Wismer, Alliance executive director, said. “The owners wanted it to be a community resource and I think they have circled back to that, as something that serves our community as a sports complex. The potential buyer, who has the building under contract, forecasts it in the same way.”

As reported by the Home Page during the summer, the potential buyer is Brookside Properties. Their due diligence has lasted since June, and the developer is still looking for a second tenant to lease the former ice hockey side.

The two sheets of ice were torn up last spring.

Williamson County Parks and Rec considered leasing the space, but decided not to in late December.

However, the City of Franklin is still involved in talks involving a solution for the property.

“This agreement offers a bridge for some more time for the buyer to have more time to close the property, and gets us back in the building and allows to work alongside some loyal partners who will beside us now and into the future,” Wismer said.

<em>This is a developing story. We will continue to update it as more information becomes available.</em>

This is a developing story. We will continue to update it as more information becomes available.