6 Nashville Bars Closed During NFL Draft

LUKE'S 32 Bridge

If you have a certain honky tonk in mind to hang out during the NFL draft, you might want to check this list. Several have been rented out during the NFL Draft. Here’s a list below.

Acme Feed & Seed (101 Broadway)- closed Thursday – Saturday to the public

Hard Rock Cafe (100 Broadway) closed Thursday – Saturday to the public

Nashville Underground (105 Broadway) closed Thursday – Saturday

Rock Bottom Restaurant (111 Broadway) – closed on Thursday, partially closed on Friday- Saturday

Ole Red (300 Broadway) – entire restaurant closed Wednesday, Rooftop closed Thursday & Friday

FGL House (120 3rd Avenue South) – rooftop closed Thursday, the restaurant will be open to the public.


  1. The article failed to mention why the places are closed and for what other purposes they are being used for if any.

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